I’m Back! Greener than Ever!

Hello!  Due to some major site issues, and I am talking major!,  It’s been awhile since many of you have heard from me.  After a lot of hair pulling and major brain over load Patina and Paint has undergone a whole new look for the new year.  So far – I. Love. It!
I don’t know about where you live, but here in Texas Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind about whether it is going to be Winter or Spring.  Today it is a cold, wet rainy day which has basically made painting impossible! So I’ve decided to focus on the inside today.  Maybe bring in a nice warm, outdoor feel to my house with plants!
Now I can grow almost anything outside, but when it comes to growing things indoors I am seriously challenged to say the least! My green thumb quickly turns black and I make Mortisha Adams look GOOD! Really, really good! I mean when should I water? fertilize? too much light? too little light?  Sigh!!!! SERIOUSLY CHALLENGED!
HOWEVER, this will be THE year.  The year that I change all of that.  The year that I grow beautiful, healthy plants that make Martha Stewart weep and beg for my secrets!  Ok, maybe that’s a stretch but at least this will be the year that I can keep those plants alive long enough to give them to my seester before it is too late to save them!
Encouraged by my inner voices, I went shopping!  I found this killer, awesome antiqued silver container at Ross and immediately envisioned it on my kitchen island filled with something lush and lacy.  Maybe Maidens Hair?  A quick trip to the Home Depot down the street and while I didn’t find any Maidens Hair, I did find it’s sister plant. A Maidens Hair vine.   Close enough!  – 
Totes Adorbs! Right?   I’m up to a couple of weeks with her and I would say so far so good but fear tempting fate at this early stage of the game!
My next plant I actually bought before Christmas at Wal Mart.  A Norfolk pine!  Before the Hubs and I were married I bought  and decorated one for him to use as a Christmas tree in his dorm room.  It lasted all through college and into our early married years so I felt safe bringing her home.  I already had a raised basket with iron legs that would be perfect for the plant and I had the perfect spot in my living room.  Fate, yes?
Sorry about the picture quality…remember I did say it was cold and wet – translation: dark and damp! Anyway we are two months in and it still looks healthy – mostly!
At this point I have been on a plant high and have been so encouraged by my success that I was feeling like Super Girl of the plant world! My inner Queen was shouting “GREENERY FOR EVERY ROOM!”.  Good thing reality kicked in quickly and said ” Giiiirrrlll!  given your previous track record you MIGHT want to consider artificial!”  
And after very little thought, that is exactly what I did!
Artificial greenery has come a long way, leaps and bounds! It actually looks like it may be real.  So I didn’t really have an issue here.  I mean, no watering, no worrying.. what’s not to love!  I especially love the boxwoods.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  I found a few in “ball” form and quickly found a few places to put them.
In the dining room….
In the guest room….
And I LOVE them.  Putting greenery in a room makes it feel colorful, fresh and warm.
I was at Marshall’s recently and came across this ginormous boxwood ball…
It has Lights!!!! Battery pack that can be tucked into the greenery.  Who knew?  I haven’t figured out yet where I will put this one but I am sure I will find the perfect spot, and when I do you will be the first to know!
There you have it – the only thing left is to ask the questions: “Will she or won’t she keep her real plants alive?”  Only time will tell, but I have to admit that I do feel better knowing that I can always fall back on the boxwoods!

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