It’s Been One of Those Weeks

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Between jury duty and pulling a hip muscle it’s been one of those weeks that I haven’t gotten anything done. Instead of my usual “here’s what’s going on at the castle” posts, I decided to share a few of my favorite things!

At the beginning of January I shared how beautiful this Amaryllis was.

Sadly, those beautiful blooms have come and gone.

However, a few new shoots have shot up and I’m really hoping for round 2!


Tuesday was jury duty.

Unfortunately, Monday I pulled a hip muscle.

I pulled up my big girl panties and hobbled my way through it.

Thankfully, I was not chosen for the trial portion!

Tuesday evening was way more fun as it was PoKeeno night!

Nothing makes me feel better than a few hours with my besties!

I won these gorgeous tulips.

Between the Amaryllis and the tulips, the recent gray days are a little brighter!

Valentine's Day Napkin

I’ve mentioned several times that I love Mud Pie.

So much so, that I know you are rolling your eyes thinking “We know, we know!”

Well, I also collect white dishes.

These hob nail plates are some of my favorites!

One of those weeks

So when I won this bowl…

One of those weeks

and this platter, I was over the moon!

Woo Hoo! It was a good night at PoKeeno for sure.

One of those weeks

Earlier in the week I shared that I was looking at a few new accessories for the master bedroom update.

I talked The Hubs into being my chauffeur/ pack mule.

Now, this is where my eyes were bigger than my tape measure!

I’m usually pretty good spatially, not this time.

I knew it needed to be a big painting, but maybe not this big.

I’m on the fence.

What do you think?


However, on a positive note, these pillows were exactly the color I wanted!

I’m in pillow love.

Hopefully, next week will be more of a I got a lot done this week and a little less of it’s been one of those weeks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tammy from Patina and Paint