Last Minute Valentine’s

$10 on the 10th

It’s $10 on the 10th! I always love this blog hop because there are always some of the best ideas that come from these special ladies.  Our theme this month is Crafts. Which is totally up my alley! Today I’m sharing how to make some last minute Valentine’s Day cards. These cards would be perfect to do with your littles and  if you are like me and just enjoy creating Valentine’s cards they will be perfect for you too. And it doesn’t hurt that they are fast, fun, pretty and inexpensive!

craft supplies

Supplies for last minute Valentine’s:

Cards and Envelopes.

Markers or pens


Washi Tape

Scissors or craft knife

Glue dots

Valentine Stamps

Stamp pads

valentine card

Step 1:

I found my cute red note cards at Michaels on sale 40% off.

They were originally $4.99 for a pack of 10.

On the front of your card, apply Washi tape of your choice.

You can find this Washi tape here.

card, heart

Step 2:

I had this felt heart stack in my supplies.

It was the perfect embellishment for the front of my card.

To adhere the heart to the card I used a glue dot.

valentines card

The front of the card is complete.

Easy, fun and simple!

stamps, stamp pad

Step 3:

Next, let’s work on the inside of the card.

Really you could write your greeting on the inside of the card and skip this step, but I already had the stamps and stamp pad so I made a few cards using the stamps and a few cards I just wrote in my message.


Load your stamp with ink from the stamp pad.


Then carefully place the stamp on the card.

Press and hold firmly, making sure all of the stamps surfaces touch the card.

card, stamp

This is what it looks like when you are done!

While the ink was drying I went on to the next step.



Step 4:

The envelope!

Have you ever heard of FriXon pens?

I use them in my Rocketbook, but until I took a recent art class I never thought of using them in art.

FriXon pen’s ink disappears when it is exposed to heat.

Which makes them perfect for sketching out your design or drawing a line for lettering.

Draw your lines, do your lettering, then heat them up with a heat gun or a blow dryer.


Draw a curved line.

Following the line, add the last name of your Valentine.

pens, envelope

Once that is done, fill in the rest of your Valentines name and address!

heart doodle

Step 5:

Add doodles!

Now this is where this project gets fun for me.

Decorating the envelope.

I mean, who wouldn’t love to get a piece of mail that was pretty?

Since my card’s theme was hearts, that’s what I doodled on the envelope.

flower doodles

Step 6:

Don’t forget the back of the envelope!

I have a stamp that has my name and address on it and I usually stamp the center of the back envelope with it.

Then decorate around the stamp.

red pen, card

Step 7:

Finish the inside of the card.

Once your envelopes are decorated, it’s time to add color and details to the inside area that you previously stamped.

I also like to write a personal note to each Valentine.

last minute Valentine's

This is what my finished envelopes look like.

The addresses have been blurred to protect my Valentine’s…

As you can see each one is different.

Have fun and let your imagination guide you!

valentine puzzles

One last thing….

For my little’s Valentine’s, I like to add a few fun things.

This year I found these heart puzzles.

I simply painted on Conversational heart slogans.

When I mail them I will take them apart and put the pieces into my hand made cards for the littles to put back together once the card is opened.

The butterflies are wind ups.

Simply wind up the butterfly and carefully place them into the card.

When the card is opened, the butterflies will “fly” out!

Valentine Cards

So how much did my last minute Valentine’s cards cost?

The cards were on sale for $2.49 making them .25 for both the card and the envelope.

I already had the pens, markers, Washi tape and the embellishments except for the heart puzzles and the butterflies.

Puzzles 12 ct = on sale for $2.49.  With 12 puzzles in each package they cost .21 each.

Butterflies: $8.99 for 18, bringing them to .50 each.

My total for each card is under .75!

I hope that you will join me in visiting the other talented bloggers in this hop to see what wonderful things that they have come up with!


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Last minute Valentine

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  1. My goodness Tammy, these are truly beautiful. You are so artistic and very talented. I have never been good at stamping. I have tried many times in years past and never nailed it. How cute are the conversational puzzles you created? Such thoughtful ideas.


    1. Cindy you are too sweet! I have to admit that making these Valentine’s reminded me of grade school. Back in the day where you were encouraged to make them. ( yep, older than dirt! lol)

  2. Your cards are beautiful, Tammie. I started out as a stamper/scrapbooker and have lots of stamps, inks, etc. I’ve never heard of FriXon pens, though. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I had never heard of Frixon pens either until The Hubs bought me a Pocketbook for Christmas. I think they are the only pen you can write in them with. I took an art course recently and they shared using it there. Truly mind blowing for me!

  3. These are darling – I love to decorate the envelopes, too. What type of marker did you use to write Boruff? There is nothing like receiving a handmade card – shows you really took a lor of time and thought! Never heard of Frixon pens, so I will be on the hunt!

    1. I have a ton of marker – in fact as I was gathering supplies it occurred to me that I may have a marker issue! lol However I used a Tombow brush pen. I like them because they are double ended, brush on one end and regular marker ( medium point) on the other. Acid free and they don’t bleed. I picked my Frixon pens up on Amazon, however I was told that you can find them at Walmart and office supply stores.

  4. I love how your cards turned out, Tammy!! The envelopes and using that invisible writing pen (and your lettering is perfect!) are a wonderful idea!!! Going to “borrow” that… ;)’ Enjoy sending out your creations and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! <3 Pinned as always. <3

    Barb 🙂

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Barbara!That invisible pen was a game changer for me. I will no doubt be using it all the time.

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