Laundry Room Refresh

Laundry room refresh

If I am honest, this should be called laundry room remodel part 2 instead of a laundry room refresh. It has more things changing than it has in a very long time.

Today I thought that I would share what I have done before in the laundry room and what I am planning to do soon.

old laundry room

This is what it looked like when we moved into the house.

Dark, dated, filled with wallpaper and it had a florescent light.

Dad laundry room

That quickly changed!

black and white laundry room floor

We pulled up the linoleum floor and added this black and white tile.

Laundry room

Striped the wallpaper, painted, and changed out the lights.

White cabinets with black handles

We painted the cabinets white and added in black drawer and door pulls.

Everything in this room changed except for one area.

Sink and countertop

The countertop and the sink.

I know this is going to be controversial, but I hate stainless.

It never feels clean to me and I’m constantly cleaning, shining etc…

What a beating!

Don’t come after me.

vintage sink and faucet

So I purchased a vintage looking wall drop in sink similar to this one.

It will have silver vintage faucet also.

Walnut colored countertop

A new countertop will replace the old formica.

I’m using my Dad’s old barn wood to create a beautiful walnut finished top.

black clothing rod

I’m also purchasing this black clothing rod to go above the sink to replace the flimsy silver one that is there now.

I love having room to hang dry clothes!

chinoiserie fabric

This fabric matches the paint on my walls beautifully and I think would make a great curtain for my small window.

However the wait time to receive it is massively long.

So this may be an option or I may change my mind and go in another direction.

Laundry room

We plan on starting this project soon – as long as it doesn’t rain us out.

The countertop has to be made in our driveway and we have a forecast that looks pretty rainy.

Fingers crossed that we can squeeze in a few days of work time!

Stay tuned for updates.

Until next time….


Laundry room refresh

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  1. Oh my! Love, Love that sink you are going to use! Also the idea of the old barn wood from your Dad is Awesome! Can’t wait to see how you put it all together!

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