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Little White Bench Makeover

White bench 4

I have a secret. I can’t help myself! I  buy furniture – a lot of furniture- with the intent to paint, recycle, up-cycle, or reupholster it . I intend to do it right away when I buy it, but let’s face it that almost never happens! So it gets stacked in the garage, game room, exercise room, any room that it will fit in….  I am on a mission to get all of my stash done before I buy anymore.

white bench1

Sorry about these photos… It is forever raining here!!!! I know we need the rain but Puhleezzze! Anyway, I have had these sweet little chairs for awhile. They are smaller in scale and they had a ton of white paint on them, and not in a good way either. So after a lot of sanding… I gave them a couple of light coats of white spray paint.

White bench 2

The Hubs cut out a board that we added foam, batting and a really cool patterned material to.  Once the seat was ready we just screwed it onto the chairs.  I love the box pleat skirt… gives it a really fun personality. The result is a really sweet little white bench makeover!

One project down and a ton more to go! Y’all know I will be sharing them with you as soon as I get them all done.

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