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Mid Century Modern Dresser

mmm5I know that you won’t believe me, but I don’t paint every piece of furniture that clients bring to me.  Sometimes the piece of furniture is so perfect as it is, that it would be a crime to paint it. This  mid century modern dresser was one of those pieces.

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A friend and client of mine was looking for a mid century modern piece that could also serve as her TV cabinet and also provide storage.  When we found this mahogany dresser, we knew that it was the perfect piece for her Swank Lounge.mmm 1

It had a few dents and scratches, but was structurally sound and very well made. Instead of striping and sanding we decided to just refinish it. I used Homer Formby’s Furniture Refinisher. It basically takes the old top coat off and leaves the original stain. Since the top coat is where the dirt lives and most scratches occur this was the perfect solution. We then gave it a few coats of Hemp Oil to finish this piece. I love using hemp oil, which is much like tongue oil, it gives the wood a smooth, worn patina rather than a shiny finish. The mahogany wood in this mid century modern dresser was so beautiful we felt like a shiny poly top coat would detract from it’s beauty.mmm2

Look at the brass detail on the legs…OMG! Serious awesomeness. The craftsmanship in this piece is unbelievable. You don’t find that in furniture today.mmm3The clients swank lounge was already gorgeous and this mid century modern dresser fits right in.  It fits perfectly under her wall mount flat screen tv.

I love my job, but on days like today – when you get to see a piece that you have worked on fit so perfectly in a clients home – well I really, really love my job!

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