Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey y’all! Happy Friday!  Today I’ve got a few fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for you.

I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I honestly kind of forgot until I walked into my local Market Street grocery store.

The gift section had signs everywhere.

So I thought that I would take a gander and see what they had to offer- Which turns out they had quite the selection.

Hand soap

Michel Design Works Hand Soap

I LOVE this hand soap and whenever I find it on sale I stock up.

Today it was 30% off and they had a ton of scents perfect for any gift!

Since you may not have A Market Street I will list where you can find these items when I can.

You can find Michel Design Works Hand Soap here.


Demdaco Jewelry

These Demdaco Artlifting bracelets were just the cutest.

A ton of designs and colors that are sure to make any Mom smile!

warmmie house shoes


Now I know it’s not winter but as a woman who constantly has cold feet and hands I can honestly say that I would love a pair of these microwavable slippers.

They also have stuffed animals, neck wraps, and eye masks!

They come in a ton of colors and patterns to fit just about any Mom’s style.

Swig tumbler

SWIG Insulated Tumbler

I know this one is a little cliche however, my boys can buy me this tumbler anytime!

I love the super happy colors and it doesn’t hurt that it’s all dressed up with the cutest pom tassel ever.

This one is called Caliente in the Some Like It Hot line.

Yes, please!

Mud Pie bowl

Mud Pie

Of course if your Mom has a collection of anything, adding to it would be a perfect gift.

I collect all things Mud Pie and this sweet little bowl is calling my name!


I love this line of Potpourri.

A friend gifted me a fall scent a good 10 years ago and when not in use I put it back in the bag it came in.


This particular one is called  the Smell of Spring, but they have a ton of other fragrances.

hand blown glasses

Amici Home

Anyone who knows me knows I like colored glass.

Of any kind.

These  hand blown glasses caught my eye and I fell in love.

They also had them in blues and whites.

I didn’t find a link for the multi-colored ones but you can find the blue ones here.

three candles

While looking at all the pretty glass these candles caught my eye and made me laugh.

They are so clever I almost bought them regardless of whether or not they smelled good.

Just in case you can’t read them, here is what they say –

THE FIRST CHILD -Smells like you’re just more important, You just had to have your own candle didn’t you?

The Middle Child –Largely invisible scent, Go ahead and Dye your hair purple, No one will notice.

Favorite Child – Smells like Mom Loves Me the Most, Oh, you didn’t get a candle?

Ha! I could just see my sister’s faces!

coffee mug

These were just a few smaller Mother’s Day  gift ideas that I thought were fun.

I have another post coming soon with a few medium to large items that are fun too!

Until next time…


Swig tumbler

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