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My Fall Table

fall t 8My fall table is probably one of my favorites that I have decorated of all time. Really. Well, maybe I say that every year, but I really mean it this time! It has everything that I love.  A little color, a little whimsy, fresh flowers or plants and most importantly, it makes me happy.

fall t 6

In the past few months I’ve been drawn more and more to go more natural with less fuss. For you minimalists  out there you are looking at this table thinking: “That’s minimal?” Well, it is for me. Hey! You can see the table top can’t you? fall t 2Instead of fresh flowers I used kale, or as my Granny used to call them – cabbage. I made a small floral arrangement for each place setting. These were so easy. Just grab a bowl, plop in your plant and add some “fluff” to fill up the bowl. (Fluff is all of the surrounding elements like spanish moss, leaves, berries and acorns.) Nobody wants to see ugly holes!

I think these are so pretty and when it comes time to eat, they can become part of your centerpiece. These would also be great as gifts for guests to take home too!

fall t 4If you follow me at all, you know that I like to make some of my decor and this fall table was no exception. You can see how to make your own napkin rings here and if you look closely you will see my latest project. Painted silverware.

fall t 7

I know that you probably have the same look on your face as my hubs did right now and YES I am crazy, but I wanted more color than regular silverware gave me. I found these inexpensive ones at Walmart for a whopping 62 cents each.  So these are almost disposable! Would I use them at a fancy get together? NO. But for fun? Why not?

Again this is a super easy project. Just tape off the silver and spray paint them the color you want. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

fall t 1

My centerpiece is an old soup tureen that I have had forever. More “fluff” is sprinkled around the bottom edges for some fun and color.

This table makes me so happy every time I look at it. It was certainly a lesson to me – you can have the natural elements with your everyday decor! It just takes a little creative thinking.

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