New Lamp in the Bathroom

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I have a new lamp in the bathroom.  I know, not where you would normally put one, but I love this look. Plus, they make great night lights for company!New Lamp in the Bathroom

I’ve been looking for a new one for awhile for one of the guest bathrooms. But let’s face it, it hasn’t been at the top of my list.


This was the old lamp.

It had definitely see better days. The shade was wrinkled. It was too tall.

What was I thinking when I put on that trim?

dirty lamp shade

I found the cutest lamps at Hobby Lobby in the sale isle.

It was perfect. Except the shade had dark marks all over it.  However, the price was right. I figured that if the shade didn’t clean up, then I would buy a new one.

New lamp in the bathroom

Guess what? With a little elbow grease and a magic eraser it came clean!

You can’t tell where the black marks were.

I don’t know about you , but  one of my pet peeves is cords. I cannot tell you how much they bug me. They can put a man on the moon but they can’t  hide cords. Grrr…

I  tied the excess cord up with a pretty ribbon and tucked it away as nicely as possible, but  I still hated the way it looked.cord mate

CordMate to the rescue!

A Cordmate is a hollow plastic tube with an open channel in the side with sticky tape on the back. It comes in several different lengths that are easily cut to the size you need.

cord mateJust tuck your cord into the tube and stick it to your wall or the back of a piece of furniture to hide your cord.

Genius right?

It’s much neater and keeps the messy cord out of the way.

The Cordmate is also paintable. I left this one the color of the marble, but I’m toying with painting it the color of the wall.

crystals on lampshade

Once the practical issues were out of the way, it was time to add a little bling.

These crystals are magnetic!

I love how the crystals match the base of the lamp.

New Lamp in the Bathroom

The new lamp in the bathroom is so much better than the old one.

It really is the little things.

Until next time…


Tammy from Patina and Paint


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