New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!  I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly did here at the castle! It’s that time of year where everyone is starting their New Years resolutions and I am too.

My resolutions are a little different this year. Usually, my resolutions tend to be the same every year. Lose weight, exercise and eat healthy. Well, not this year! This year I’m running with scissors!

Just in case you think I’ve lost my mind, trust me, I don’t mean that in the literal sense. This year I want to try new things and learn to do things better!

As you can see, thanks to my friend and neighbor Laura, I have learned new ways to use my phone. I plan on spending a little time and get to know the functions on my phone a lot better.

When my sisters and I were going through some of my fathers things a couple of months ago, we found a book that my nephew had given him. The book asks questions about my father’s family, how he grew up, etc. and we were shocked to see that he actually took the time and answered each question! Oh, my heart!

The book is going back to my nephew, but he was gracious enough to loan it to me to copy each page so that I can make a scrapbook of it for myself, and each of  my sisters and our children!

I want to invests more time in practicing my hand lettering!

Finishing up all my unfinished projects is at the top of my resolution list. My new cordless glue gun is going to help me with that goal. I can’t wait!!!

I also want to take a little time to look around the house at my decor. If it is out of date, broken, mismatched, not functional or I don’t love it, it must go!

I WILL  learn to use this machine if it kills me! I secretly think it hates me. P.S. Silhouette, I don’t have a CD player! Your CD complete with tutorials is useless to me. Time to hit up Youtube!

I have two of these chairs that are in my storage hoarding room upstairs. They have been there two years. This is the year that I will recover them!

And last, but not least, I plan on cleaning this beauty and finding the perfect spot for her.

For the first time in years, I am actually looking forward to keeping my New Years resolutions and you know that I will be happy to share them with you as I go through out the year cleaning, learning and decorating. You, my friends, will help me be accountable.  Happy New Year!

Until next time…..



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