Nutcracker Christmas Entry

Christmas entryway

Hey y’all! Today on Decorate With Us Christmas 2022 I have the cutest nutcracker Christmas entry for you. And I’m so excited that my friend Terrie at Decorate And More With Tip will be styling her entryway also.

I’ll be sure and list her link below so that you can hop on over and see what she has done when you are finished here.



Let’s start with the stars of the show… the nutcrackers.

My youngest son collected nutcrackers for years.

And then when he became a teen he decided that he didn’t like them anymore, so I took them.

Over the years we’ve added to the collection and they usually hang  out in the Library/ Music room at Christmas.

Nutcracker decorated entry

Trees And Ornaments

I added a couple of large bottle brush trees on each end.

I love bottle brush trees and use them throughout the house.

At the feet of the nutcrackers and the trees ornaments are sprinkled here and there.

This adds color and texture and basically just looks pretty.

Christmas shelving

The Shelving

Year round the shelving holds baskets and decorative items.

I leave the baskets and simply add cute ribbon for a little color to them.

Nutcrackers, as well as large glitter gifts were added as well.

The “gifts” or presents were originally stocking hangers that fell apart over the years.

I kept the box part and use them for decorations.

Christmas shelving

Shelf #2

The shelving on the left side has a basket with a bow on one shelf.

To carry the theme around to this side of the shelving another gift and nutcracker were added.

A white bowl filled with ornaments and small glittery items completes the shelving decor.

Christmas decorated entry

The Other Side of The Room

Across the room, tucked into the corner, I placed two trees, another present and a nutcracker next to a chair.

Present pillow on a chair

Normally this chair is where we sit to put on shoes etc, however I’ve placed a pillow and another gift here for some Christmas fun!


All of the items I used were items that I’ve had for years, so putting this room together was fast and easy.

I hope that you enjoyed my nutcracker Christmas entry and maybe got a little inspiration to decorate yours!

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting Terrie  to see how she styled her entryway for Christmas.

Terrie's Entryway

Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time….


Nutcracker Christmas Entry

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