O Christmas Tree

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purple shiny brite ornament

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree How lovely are thy branches!…I haven’t been happy with my Christmas tree this year. In our new home it feels too big, too tall. The lights quit working so I ordered fairy lights that switch between white and colored.  They are not quite what I had envisioned, the cords are almost impossible to hide. The ribbon I chose just didn’t do it for me either. And to top it all off the only place that it would fit was smushed between the TV console and the sofa.  I need a new one but that’s a whole different story. So I decorated it and went on.

Christmas tree

And then I saw this.

The perfect tree.

No idea who’s tree it is, I tried to figure it out but couldn’t.

So if you know, let me know so I can give this person, who is clearly the King or Queen of tree decorating, the true credit they so richly deserve.

Comparison is an ugly thing.

Now my tree really didn’t make me happy.

At all.

Light up Snowman ornament


A week or so ago I saw a Reels that Brittany Young the Certified Celebrator posted.

She reminded me of our Christmas Tree tradition that we started when our sons were small.

Every year the boys got to choose an ornament for the tree.

The plan was that when they got married they would get to take their ornaments with them to start their new tree.

This plan started off beautifully.

When they were young I chose the ornaments.

Cute, sweet and color co-ordinated perfectly with my carefully chosen bulbs and Our First Christmas Together ornament.

You can see the flaws in this plan, however I and Brittany certainly did not.

sumo wrestler ornament

This is the ornament that Brittany’s son chose.


I had to laugh because it reminded me of all of the years of strange ornaments that my sons chose.

Don’t believe me?

Let me share.


Captain America Ornament

Super Heros

We have quite a few of them.

Batman Ornament

Ninja Turtle ornament

Batman, Spiderman and Ninja Turtles just to name a few.

Is this Leonardo? Or Michelangelo?

And in most cases there are more than one.


video machine ornament

 Video games.

Who knew?

This one lights up and makes strange noises.

For obvious reasons it’s batteries need replaced.

octopus ornament

Strange things.

I don’t even know what some of them are and frankly stopped asking.


Harry Potter ornament

camper ornament

Jack Skellington ornament

 Movies, camping, etc.


bat ornament

And this year? My youngest asked why I hadn’t asked him what ornament he wanted.

The conversation went like this:

Son: ” Mom, why haven’t you asked me what ornament I want this year. Did we even do one last year?”

Me: “Well, I had planned on them being a wedding gift, but as I see no wedding in sight and the tree is getting a bit full, I thought maybe we should just stop getting new ornaments.”

Him: ” WOW, mom! I mean, I plan on getting married. Some day. Hey, no pressure…”

Me: ” Just get the ornament…” eye roll…

This is what I got.

All 6 of them.

shiny brite ornament

Now, it’s not totally filled with all things a boy mom would cringe at.

It also has beautiful Shiny Brite ornaments, ornaments fit for a queen, Santas and hand blown glass ornaments from Germany.

queen ornament

Ornaments that both my husband and I love.

Santa ornament


The funny thing was, as I started photographing the ornaments to share with you it brought back all of the memories.

When the boys played sports, were in the Church Christmas play, school events, when they were into video games. ( the youngest would jump, roll and dive when Mario did. Quite the work out and made untangling the cord an event. Drove the eldest CRAZY!) All of the years that we hid the pickle and they went hunting….

Christmas Tree

All the memories.

From opening gifts to setting up the train under the tree.

Suddenly, my Christmas tree wasn’t the Charlie Brown tree I had pictured it to be.

My tree may not be filled with all things shiny and new.

It may not be the perfect size, in the perfect place, with the perfect lights and ribbon.

But it is filled with beautiful memories that I wouldn’t trade for any other tree!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree how lovely are thy branches….

Until next time…

Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. I love most of those ornaments too, although the bats threw me for a loop. In retrospect I don’t know why! lol Merry Christmas Rita. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!

    1. For years I’ve had people ask me if I didn’t miss having girls? Honestly, no. I grew up in a house full of girls. And while I loved every drama filled minute of it, I love having my boys!

  1. I understand! The “perfect tree” that you posted is beautiful! But our tree is like yours….filled with ornaments (memories) that the kids picked out. When you turn on the lights on the tree at our house, there are sound effects. A rocket blasting off, Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address, Charlie Brown music playing, etc. It only lasts a few seconds but it seems like 10 minutes! 😂😂😂

    1. LOL! That’s why I let the batteries die! Seriously, I need to round up all of the one that need batteries and replace them. At least take the old ones out…. Maybe it’s the sound effects I’m missing???? Nah! lol

  2. I think you tree looks beautiful and is so full of memories and good meaning there’s no way it could ever be ugly! And I laughed out loud at the wedding crack. How old is your son? I’m guessing you want grandkids? You crack me up. Merry Christmas!

    1. Cindy my boys are 35 and 37. They both have come REALLY close to being married and at the last minute called it off so I figure that at this point I’m due a few comments…lol!

  3. Tammy, Your tree is beautiful as usual. All of you Christmas decor is always so beautiful for the annual Queen’s Christmas party. I too was looking at my tree this year and taking pictures of ornaments. There are many as you said that brought back many memories. But there are many years of ornament exchanges with the “Queens”. And I’m reminded of all the laughs, and games played, wonderful food but most of all the fellowship with dear friends in the last 20 plus years.
    I have truly been bless to call you my friend for almost 30 years!

    1. Awww… thank you! I can honestly say that I am blessed by you as well. Here’s to 30 more years of friendship.. LOL! Queen’s rule!
      Hopefully, we will all be able to be together soon!

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