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Office Facelift – stool makeover

Office facelift  stool makeover
Office facelift stool makeover

So I have slowly been giving my office a facelift. You know- when you still like the room but it just seems a little tired? Well, this room was so tired it was almost asleep! I have been slowly chipping away at  hundreds a lot of little projects. When I am finished I hope to have the most bee-you-tee -ful office , EVER!

office stool 9

My poor stool has definitely seen better days… it was still sturdy and fairly comfortable.

office stool 8

I am definitely a messy painter…( unfortunately my side dresser looks the same on one end! yikes!).  It really needed some serious help.

office stool 7

I wanted to add in a little gold to the room. Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint to the rescue. If I haven’t told you one hundred and fifty times already, it is my all time favorite!

Like my high end tape job?  I was just too lazy to tape up four legs, so I just put the legs in the trash bag and tied it really tight as close to the top of the seat as possible.  HEY! Don’t judge. It worked!

office stool 6

Now for the seat.

I had left over material from making new curtains for my work station so I used that for the seat cover.

So easy. Just lay your seat on the back side of your material and lightly draw around your seat. Before cutting add an inch to an inch and a half to the circle you just marked. This ensures that you have enough material to wrap around to the back side and staple it. Cut your circle out.

office stool 5

I also wanted a little more cush for the tush, so I cut out some batting slightly smaller than the cut circle.

office stool 4

Make sure that your seat is in the center of the circle. Start at the top, pull the material around to the back and staple. Repeat the same process at the bottom of the circle, directly across from your first staple, making sure to pull snugly, but not too tightly. Repeat on the right side, then the left side. Keep doing this process until you have worked your way all the way around the circle.

Office stool 2

Cut off any excess material.

Yeah, I label my scissors! You never know when some crazy person will want to use your good fabric scissors to cut wire, or gum or some wild and totally inappropriate thing! Argh! And ain’t nuthin’ worse than bad scissors.

The seat is done! Just reattach the seat to the legs.

Office stool 1

Ta da! I am so excited. I lurve it!  Again, everything that I used, I already had….. basically a free up- cycle and it only took about 30 minutes. Score!

I can check off one of the hundred items on my office facelift.  I will be sharing the office with you if I ever  when I finish all the tasks on my list.

Until next time….


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