Painting a Children’s Table

Hey friends! How have you been on this wonderful sunny week? It’s been so beautiful outside that I haven’t wanted to be inside painting. However, duty calls and I’ve been fortunate enough to be painting some of my favorite things. In this case, I’ve been painting a children’s table!

Remember this table I painted for Ella a few months ago? Well, a few years ago I painted Ella’s sister, Everly, a similar table.

Over time, Everly’s table has become a little worn and used.

Also, the colors of her room had changed and the table and chairs didn’t match anymore.

It was time for a little face lift!

Everly’s Mimi saw this toy chest I painted before Christmas and wondered if we couldn’t paint something similar for her table and chair.

Mimi loved the bright white base with all of the super happy colors.

These were also the colors we used in this table and chair set that I painted for my sweet niece, Beep!

So that’s exactly what we did!

We started with a white base and added lots of pinks, purples, greens, yellow and black.

We followed that up with lots of polk a dots and flowers with vines!

Both of the chairs have the same colors with similar designs. I’m with Mimi, to me these are such happy colors!

Apparently, Everly thought so too, as her Mimi say’s that she loves her new painted children’s table!

Which is the true test of whether or not this table was a success.

Painting a children’s table makes me very happy!

Until next time……

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