Painting With A Twist

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Painting with a twist

A few days ago, my friend Donna called and asked if I would like to go to a painting class at Painting with a Twist. Donna’s poor sister was set to go with her, but came down with Strep. Bad for sis, good for me. Of course, I said yes!

Painting with a twist

I’m fairly sure that almost everyone on the planet has been to a similar place.

In fact, this was my second time to attend such a workshop.

However, just in case you haven’t been to one or just want the skinny on how these work I’ll give you the low down!

Upon arrival, we checked in and found our assigned easel.

Painting with a twist

This cute truck was our chosen painting for the night.

So cute!

Since green is not my color, I kindly asked if I could paint my truck blue?

Thankfully, they were more than happy to accommodate.

Painting with a twist

Normally the entire class would be painting the same thing, however this time was a little different.

The painting class was split.

Part of the class painted a truck with flowers, while the other part of the class painted “Love Texas”.

Since the Love Texas painters were greater in number, the instructor focused on that part of the class for the most part.

However, they did provide us with an instruction sheet for our painting.

Painting with a twist

The instructor was cute, fun and played all of my favorite music from the past.

She was great at bringing out the artist in everyone.

Painting with a twist

I also liked that the instructor was on camera and they streamed her live on a TV across the room

This made for great viewing for everyone.

painting with a twist

This is my friend Donna’s painting. Didn’t she do a great job?

Painting with a Twist provided the easel, paints, brushes and paper towels.

Everything that you need to complete your painting.

Painting with a Twist

Here’s mine before it was finished.

Painting with a twist

So, how did we do?

Not too shabby, I think.

But, more importantly, we had a great time!

Painting with a twist

While we were there, I found my next project.

Painting with Artists Mud on a screen.

That bicycle is calling my name!

Painting with a twist

Or maybe these peonies in a mason jar?

This girl is definitely in love!


Donna is going to kill me for posting this pic, it’s definitely not one of our better ones!

But, I couldn’t resist sharing the memory!

Thanks Miss Donna for a fun night.

Until next time…

Tammy from Patina and Paint

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  1. I love doing this!! It stresses me out completely but I love it! I’m the worst and normally throw my stuff in the trash…LOL The one in Waxahachie draws all the images on the canvas and all you have to do is paint. Works for me! 🙂 Love and hugs!

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