Plaid Christmas In The Guest Room

Plaid Christmas In a Guest Room

Good Saturday to you! I don’t normally post on Saturday, but this week on Decorate With Us Christmas 2022 we have so much to share with you that we are working overtime! Today my friends and I are all in our guest bedrooms. I have the best plaid Christmas in a guest room to share with you.

This is the view when you first walk in.

Two twins and a dresser.

For those of you old enough to know what I mean, I call this the Lucy and Ricky room!

Plaid decor on a twin bed.

 The Beds

I shared a video about the room on Facebook that you can see here.

However, I thought that you might want to see it a little more up close and personal.

I didn’t change out the bedding , but chose to add in plaid pillows and a plaid throw.

Plaid pillows on a bed

Everything else is the same.

I added in a cute reindeer and another Christmas pillow that I have had for some time.

On the lamps beside the bed I simply added a red and navy bow with a large gold jingle bell.

Isn’t it amazing how such a small thing can have a huge impact?

Plaid pillows on a bed

On the bed on the other side of the room I added the exact same thing.

Just a different reindeer and Christmas pillow!

Since this room is fairly small I don’t have a lot of furniture in here.

I have a dresser in between the beds, which I love to decorate.

I left the chinoiserie vases, the tray and the lamp that is there everyday.

Christmas decor on a dresser

Adding a few bows, a sparkly reindeer, greenery and a Christmasy smelling candle makes this area so pretty!

Christmas decor on a dresser

Not only do I love my room to smell great, but I want it to be functional.

On the left is a tray for jewelry, it has an aromatherapy spray perfect for bedtime and a card that welcomes guest and has my WI password.

I also have a power strip with USB ports for charging all of my guest devices.

Christmas decorated Chandelier

The Chandelier

One thing I LOVE to decorate and never miss the opportunity if afforded is a chandelier!

Adding a few hanging ornaments and a few bows make such a happy statement in an already happy room!

I know that it is not everyone’s cup of tea but I sure do enjoy it!

I think that my plaid Christmas guest room is fun and it is ready for my guest to arrive!

Now please join me in visiting my friends to see what their rooms look like all decorated for Christmas!

Terrie's guest bedroom

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Santa with greenery

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Until next time…


Plaid Christmas in the Guest Room

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