Pumpkin Soap Dispenser


Pumpkin soap dispenser and fall decorWelcome to The Creative Craft hop. I always love this day every month because I get great inspiration from so many talented crafters and I hope that you do too! Today I’m sharing one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever made – a pumpkin soap dispenser.

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Before I get started I’d like to thank Donna from Modern On Monticello for hosting us this month. She always does such a great job putting this hop together. Be sure and stop by her blog and thank her!

Also, if you are coming her from Cecelia’s My Thrift Store Addiction – Welcome!

Soap dispenser supplies


1 – Pumpkin jar from the Dollar Tree

Drill and Drill bits

Soap pump ( I used one from an old soap dispenser)

Sand Paper

Hot Glue

Raffia( optional)

Pumpkin jar

I just want to say that this is not something that I thought of.

However, I’ve wanted to try this for some time and thought if I wanted to make one maybe you did too.

My question was – Is it really as easy to make as they say?

Yes! It is!

Step 1 – Remove lid from jar.

Measuring for the center of the lid

Step 1

Find the center of the jar lid and mark it.

Placing lid over a round of wood

Step 2

This part is optional but I found it to be very helpful.

I had an old round piece of wood that I placed the lid on top of before drilling a hole.

It kept the lid from moving and my drill bit from going into the table top.

Drilling a hole in a lid

Step 3

Using a drill bit slightly larger than the straw part of the soap pump,  drill a hole.

Once you have this completed, sand the rough, raw edges.

Be careful, the lid may be sharp where you drilled the hole.

gluing pump to lid

Step 4

Next, insert the soap pump into the hole and place hot glue or E6000 around the edge of the hole.

Push the soap pump as far as you can into the hole, until the base of the pump touches the lid.

Let completely dry.

Soap dispenser

Step 5

Pour your favorite soap into the jar.

Once the glue has dried, put the lid onto the jar and you have the cutest little pumpkin soap dispenser ever!

Pumpkin soap dispenser and fall decor

I tied some raffia onto the base of the pump for a little fall fun.

Now, I know that this is for Fall but can’t you just see fun Jack-o-lanern faces painted onto the front of these?

Or maybe even some vinyl lettering “Give Thanks” for Thanksgiving?

The possibilities are endless.

Fall vignette

Now please join me in visiting Gail at Purple Hues and Me to see what craft she has for us this month.

Also, don’t forget to visit all the crafters – I’ll put their links below so that you can easily find them!


Until next time…


Pumpkin Soap Dispenser

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  1. Your pumpkin soap dispenser is too cute and adorable, Tammy! And it’s the perfect Fall accessory for the kitchen or bathroom! I can’t believe you found the jar at the dollar store! It’s a great find for crafting!

  2. So cute Tammy, and the jar does look like a pumpkin, great find! I am not handy with tools, and am always impressed by others who are~ your tip on using a wood block to keep the lid in place while drilling is so smart. Your pumpkin vignette is adorable!

  3. Tammy, What a darling idea! I haven’t seen the pumpkin jars at my local store, but I will be on the lookout, now! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

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