Quick and Easy Christmas Coffee Table

quick and easy Christmas coffee table

Hey y’all! I don’t know about you, but I love a quick and easy Christmas coffee table. I’m serious. Why? Well, a girls got a million things going on this month, right? So who’s got time to spend a lot of time on decorating this space? Not me. BUT I do want a beautiful coffee table.

So how do you get a beautiful centerpiece in minutes?

Coffee table vignette

Start with a basket or tray!

Seriously if you haven’t done it before you are missing out.

Not only does it look great, but it keeps everything contained.

My coffee table used to be my breakfast room table.

The Hubs cut it down to coffee table height for me.

We use this to play games on, when we have family over the littles eat on it, it’s prime real estate!

My centerpiece has to be easy to pick up and move, as well as easy to return.

This basket fits the bill!

Coffee table vignette

Add in tall candle holders and greenery.

I added in 3 different sized red glass candleholders. 

They are the showstoppers.

They take up most of the basket so it’s safe to say they are the show stoppers!

After adding in the candle holders, I added to large greenery picks diagonally in the basket.

The picks ends lay between the large candle holder and the two smaller ones.

Greenery adds some much needed color and texture.

jingle bell and candles

Add some shine!

I chose to add these large gold jingle bells.

Just nestle them into the greenery or add them to any bare spots.

quick and easy Christmas coffee table

Fill in any bare spots.

I like to add moss or greenery to fill in any bare spots.

However, I had some small birchwood sticks about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and about 4 inches long.

They were perfect to nestle in among the greenery to hide the ends of the picks and  bare spots.

Oh, and one last item….

Right in front was a huge bare spot that needed to be addressed.

So I added a bow made of all the bows I’m using to wrap my Christmas presents.

It’s colorful and ties in the rest of the living room.

Christmas living room

My centerpiece  is complete and I couldn’t  be happier with it!

To say that it is  a quick and easy Christmas coffee table design is an understatement!

I love a coffee table centerpiece that’s pretty and is a work horse too.

If you’d like to see this coffee table put together step by step,  you can see it here.

Until next time…

Quick and Easy Christmas Coffee Table

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