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Welcome to the DIY Challenge! Every month, on the First Wednesday, our hostess Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip issues a challenge to a group of fun bloggers. This month’s challenge is to Upcycle! I will be sharing my reversible Spring / Easter sign that I made from pallet boards.

If you are coming from Cindy’s at Cloche’s and Lavenders, I am so happy that you are here! Doesn’t she make the prettiest decor items?

Spring blog hop

Last week I shared my Spring mantle with you. In the middle of the mantle, the showpiece of the design, was a few signs that said Spring. Guess what? It’s reversible! I have to admit that my reversible Spring/ Easter sign may just be my favorite decoration this year.

pallet boards

When we built our pool last spring, everything that was ordered came on a wooden pallet.

Some we gave away, some we threw away and some we kept, thinking that we would use a few for projects.

Well, today is the day!

I asked The Hubs to grab me a couple of boards to use to make a reversible sign.

And because I’m a sharing kind of gal, here are the instructions to make one for yourself!

cut boards

Cut your boards

After taking the pallets apart, I had The Hubs cut 2  of each 7″, 6 1/2 ” and 6″ boards.

painting board white

Paint the boards

After giving the boards a good sanding I painted all of the boards white.

measuring board

Place the “kick stand” on your boards

You will need a way to ensure that your boards will stand up.

To do this, all you need is a small dowel rod and a hole the circumference of the dowel in the bottom of your board.

Find the center of the board and drill the hole.

cutting dowel rods

Cut the Dowel Rods

Using a small Miter box, I cut the dowel into 6 – 2 1/2 ” pieces.

To make your boards stand up, simply slide the dowels into the holes that you drilled into your boards.

If you are using the “Spring” signs, you will push the dowels all the way through, flush with the front of the board.

The dowels will then stick out the back, forming a “kick stand” to make your boards stand up!

tracing letters

Place Lettering on Boards

To put lettering on the boards, using your computer to print out the lettering of your choice on your printer.

Flip each letter over.

Using a pencil color around the edges of your letter. You should be able to see the letters through your printer paper.

Flip the letter over to the right side and place on your board.

Using a stylus, or your pencil  trace around your letter.

Your letter is now transferred to your board.

painting letters

Paint your letters

Using the paint of your choice, paint the letters.

embellishing signs

Embellish the letters

Now this is the fun part!

I painted a decorative edging around the outside edge of all of my boards..

painted letter S

Added highlights to each letter to make them stand out.

adding glitter paint to letter A

And added a little glitter paint to give them a little depth.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I added the glitter cause it’s fun!

Easter sign

So let’s take a look at my reversible Spring / Easter sign.

Here’s the Easter side.

reversible Spring/ Easter sign

And here’s the Spring side.

I’m seriously loving my reversible sign!

Now that you’ve seen my upcycled item, it’s time to head on over to CD’s at Pallet and Pantry to see her upcycled project!

Don’t forget to visit all of the DIY Challenge participants to see what upcycled items they’ve created!







Reversible Spring/Easter signs




    1. It really is all in the little details sometimes, right? Thanks Corine! So glad you decided to hop with us this month!

    1. Thanks CD! I’m certainly ready for Spring so that may have had a lot to do with all of my color choices right now. Bring on Spring!

  1. I love your sign and the way you placed the dowel rod through, at first I thought you were going to drill a shallow hole and switch out the dowel rod when using one side, having it slip through is genius! I love how you paint all the details make it. Thanks for sharing this cute Easter/Spring DIY….I love it!

    1. Thanks Terrie. I did not think of doing a shallow hole… but I will certainly keep that in mind for next time. Great tip!

  2. How creative to make a reversible sign welcoming Spring and Easter, Tammy! ! It’s so cool and adorable!

    1. Thank you Michelle!I think that because I can use it for both Easter and Spring is one of the reasons it’s my new favorite!

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