Road Trip!

Yesterday The Hubs and I went on a road trip to Bastrop, Texas. We were going to visit our eldest son for the day.  Yay!

It started out like most of our trips. My husband programming Waze on his phone while I was getting out a good book to read, but that all quickly changed when I noticed a few unusual things once we got to Austin.

road trip 1

The first thing I noticed was this sign. You  know that you are in Texas when you see a sign like this!  Her name is Patsy and she encourages you to eat at her restaurant. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

Road Trip 2

Across the parking lot from Pasty was this unusual man. I’m not sure what he is, but it reminded me of the trees in Lord of the Rings.

Two strange things in less than a minute. I have to tell you, that got my attention. How many other things have I missed by keeping my nose in a book and not paying attention to the things around me?

The Quest was on!

road trip 3

Driving down highway 71 I found this gigantic squirrel at a place that sells pecans. It’s HUGE! You can stop by and get your picture taken with this squirrel!

Our son took us to old downtown Bastrop to eat lunch. Bastrop is a quaint, old town that is beautiful. We ate at Maxine’s Cafe which is truly a step back in time. I had the fried green tomatoes BLT on sourdough bread and a pice of key lime pie. Yum!

road trip 4

Across the street was this cute statuary turtle. Are you seeing a theme here?

road trip 5

This is a picture from the parking lot where we parked. Isn’t it pretty? The deck you see in  the middle right hand area is a restaurant that is open at night. You can eat out on the deck that overlooks the river and watch the sunset. Definitely on my list for our next visit.

road trip 6

The road into downtown Bastrop is lined with old historic homes. I could do a whole post on those!

road trip 7

The small sign on the gate says “Pets at play, please close the gate!” I love all of the gingerbread trim.

It was only noon and we had already seen a ton of fun stuff. The prettiest part of the road trip was yet to come. And I promise to share it with you on next time! However, I will give you a little hint or two. It involves flowers, fish and elephants!

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