Scarecrow Candy Jar

Scarecrow candy jar

Happy Saturday! Today is Under $10 on the 10th! Our theme this month is Fall/ Pumpkins so I thought that I would combine the two and make this sweet little Scarecrow Candy Jar!

Under $10 on the 10th

If you are unfamiliar with $10 on the 10th, every month, on the 10th a group of fun bloggers get together and share an item they have created for under $10.00.

My post is a little long because there are so many small pieces, so grab a drink of your choice, sit back and enjoy!

scarecrow candy jar supplies


Full disclosure – I gathered my supplies, took this photo and then started making my candy jar. And I changed my mind on what supplies I would be using.

The list below is what I actually used, not necessarily  what’s pictured.

Scrapbook paper of your choice. 

Pumpkin Jar from The Dollar Tree

Wood scraps

Felt scraps

1 button



Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Hand saw

Wood Glue

Gorilla Glue

Glue Stick

Multi-Surface Paint – black and yellow

See? A LOT of small pieces!

measuring for a hat on a pumpkin jar

Step 1

I dug around in my wood scraps for pieces that I could use for my scarecrows hat.

No measurements, just eyed it to the size that looked great for me.

With a hand saw I cut one hat brim and one piece for the top of my hat.

wooden scarecrow hat

Once I had done that I glued them together.

tracing a hat onto paper

Step 2 

Next I traced both the hat and the brim onto fall scrapbook paper.

Cut them out, and then using a glue stick, I glued the paper to the hat.

Do this on both the front and the back as you will see parts of both sides.

decorated hat

I also cut out tiny little pieces of paper and glued them on to look like patches.

Using a fine tipped Sharpie marker I outlined the small patches and gave each one stitches to look like patches.

decorated hat

Step 3

Embellish the scarecrows hat!

Using some felt scraps I cut them up into a flower shape with a leaf and glued them to my hat brim.

A navy blue button glued to the center of my flower finished it off.

Adding jute hair to a hat

Step 4

To finish off the hat I wrapped some jute around the bottom of the hat where the brim and hat meet.

Secured it with hot glue.

Then it was time to make some hair for my scarecrow.

I cut up small strings of jute and glued them to the back side.

Painting a scarecrows face

Step 5

Now it was time to add a sweet face to my pumpkin jar.

I started using paint pens, however they were too thin and I could see strokes.

So I switched to multi-surface acrylic paints and painted on a face.

clamping a jar lid and hat together

Step 6

While the lid is still on the pumpkin jar, determine where to glue the hat onto the jar lid.

Make sure that the hat doesn’t impede twisting the lid off.

Remove the lid and glue the lid to the hat using a combination of hot glue and Gorilla glue.

The hot glue will help hold the lid to the hat until the gorilla glue dries.

To help hold them  together I used a small clamp.

Fall Glass clings

Step 7

I found this sheet of Fall glass clings at Walmart for $1.50.

pumpkin jar

Step 8

I applied several of the glass clings to the inside of the jar.

Glass clings are fun to use as they simply peel off when you need to wash the jar or you get tired of the clings!

Scarecrow candy jar

This sweet little jar will be a hit with my littles!

And even though there were quite a few steps, it was super easy to make.

How much did I spend?

Most of everything I used to make the hat was a scrap that I had in my stash.

I’m determined to start using up my supply.

The jar was $1.25

The Glass clings were $1.50

This brings my total to a whopping $2.75 plus tax.

Now what if you had to purchase the other supplies?

Felt :.33 each x 2 = .66

Paperbook 8 x 10 sheets: .29 x 3 = .87

Pack of 6 buttons : $2.99- 1 @ .50

Paint : $1.17 x 2= $2.34

Everything else was glue or tools.

Which brings me to a grand total of $7.12 plus tax.

Well under $10.00!

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting the other $10 on 10 participants to see what their crafts look like!

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Until next time…


Scarecrow Candy Jar

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  1. Tammy, what a cute candy jar. I love scarecrows. If not for candy, I would use it with a battery operated tea light and it would be perfect for the front window. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity.

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