Spring has Sprung!

Woo Hoo!  FINALLY, Spring is here!  I know this because my birthday is on the first day of spring.   I am not sure why, but I really get energized to clean and decorate for the coming warmer months after my birthday.  I’m like a spider monkey on Mountain Dew! It’s like I have to get it all done so I can sit back and enjoy all the hard work.

This beautiful Feature Friday I finally finished up all of my Easter decorating.

Easter Chalkboard art


Chalk board Art…..using my new chalk board markers AND chalk. Cuz’ more is better right?

Easter placesetting


Finished up my easter table setting.  Silverware polished, place cards and holders,  new runner…

Egg holder bunnySweet Bunny that I found at WalMart…he was originally yellow but this is Patina and PAINT.  So he became a lovely off white!

Chocolate bunnySide table decor..Love the faux chocolate bunny! He looks so real in person…

IMG_2027Bell Jar Birds nest all spring upped !

IMG_2091Easter topiary


And this happy little birdie with his top hat ready to dance and celebrate!

Happy First Day of Spring!




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