Spring Living Room 2024

Spring living room

Happy Friday! It’s the end of cleaning our living rooms for Spring. Of course, after cleaning it’s time to decorate. So without further ado, here’s my Spring living room 2024.

Living room chairs

There is something about Spring cleaning that makes everything feel new and shiny.

Even when it’s not.

living room sofa with pillows

Once things are clean, it’s simply a matter of shopping your stash to see what you want to decorate with.

Here I added in a few pillow covers.

Shelving with Spring decor

These shelves pretty much stay the same year round.

Once in awhile I will change things out to match the season.

mantle decor

The mantle I kept fairly simple and symmetrical.

Small olive trees in planters, vintage brass candlesticks with candles and blue and white artichokes.

Spring living room

My new vintage reproduction mirror is in the middle.

I love how warm and cosy, yet simple this mantle is!

coffee table with decor

Spring and Summer are two seasons that run a little slower for me.

Do a little gardening, sit out on the patio for some tea and then when it gets cooler – or too hot – head on inside and read a good book or magazine.

As you can see I’ve laid out a stack of both.

Is it magazine perfect?

No. No it is not, but it is functioning perfectly for the season!

Tv with decor

I rarely, if ever, show off the TV side of my living room.

Mainly because it rarely changes.

However, I did change out the scent in my wax burner to a lighter more Spring like scent.

Add in some spring flowers and this side of the room is ready to rock!

Thanks for joining me for decorating my Spring living room 2024!

I can’t wait for next week when I will clean my entryway and work in my breakfast room.

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s to see her living room!

Spring living room

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Spring living room 2024

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