Spring Place Cards

Spring place card and spring flowers

It’s a cold, wet dreary day here in Texas, so I decided to get a head start on my Easter table and make  fun, unusual Spring place cards for my table.

If there is one thing that I love to do, it’s set a pretty, fun, and functional table.

Whether formal or casual, I always love to add an unusual place card.

terra cotta flower pots

I dug around in my supplies and found these terra cotta pots.

And these carrots.

So it only made sense to put them together!

dry brushing a flower pot

Step 1

Of course, you knew that I wasn’t just going to leave the flower pots as is.

While pretty, I’m not a big fan of the terra cotta color.

Dry brushing white onto the pots seemed to be the answer to toning down the orange color.

Placing a carrot in a flower ot

Step 2

Once my pot was dry brushed it was time to put my carrot into the pot.

I decided to go for the look of a carrot in dirt in a flower pot.

Gluing the carrot into the pot would certainly have held it in place, but I may want to use the carrot for something else another time.

Adding shredded paper to a flower pot

Adding brown shredded paper to the pot not only held  the  carrot  in place,  but  also mimics the look of dirt!

So it’s a win win!

Adding sticker lettering to a flower pot

Step 3

Cute so far, right?

But definitely not a place card.

So I dug around and found some clear background letter stickers.

Adding a name to the flower pot

Adding them to the flower pots was the perfect solution to transforming them!

Spring place card

And I love them!

At first I was worried about getting the stickers straight, but I quickly realized that I loved the imperfection of the lettering not being perfect.

Who knew?

Spring place card and spring flowers

These are probably the easiest, cheapest place cards I’ve ever made.

These Spring place cards are also probably one of my very favorites.

I can’t wait to add them to my Easter table!

Until next time…


Spring Place Cards

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