St. Patrick’s Day Sign

wooden sign and shamrocks

Hey Y’all, let’s make a St. Patrick’s Day Sign! Can you believe that it’s almost March??? With March’s arrival comes the decorating of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day. Honestly, I don’t do a lot of decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. However, I thought that it might be fun to do my two tiered tray in all things green this year.

I had this sign in my craft closet and it’s the perfect size for my tray.

I paid .69 cents for mine as they were on the 90% off clearance.

Word on the street is that your local Dollar Tree has very similar ones available.

These cute wooden shamrocks came from Hob Lob this year.

$2.99 for a bag of 12.

Now all I needed was a little paint to finish my sign!

Wooden shamrocks

Step 1:

Remove the beads from the sign.

Once that is done give the  face of the sign a good coat of white acrylic paint.

When the face is completely covered and no writing is showing through, paint the sides green.

painted shamrocks

Step 2:

Paint your shamrocks.

I painted the smaller of the two shamrocks green and the larger one white.

When the base coats have dried, it’s time for the fun part.

Decorating them.

I decided to give the green shamrock tiny white dots.

The larger white shamrock received a plaid pattern.

What could be more Irish than a plaid?

Now if you don’t want to paint these shamrocks, I think they would be super cute covered in St. Patrick’s Day themed paper!

In fact, had we not been in an ice storm here when I made these I definitely would have done so.

heat gun, shamrocks


Because both the sign and the shamrock received multiple coats of paint and nobody wants to sit and watch paint dry, I used my new heat gun.

Why I  haven’t purchased one sooner is anybody’s guess!

I love this thing.

In the past I’ve always just used a hair dryer – or just watched the paint dry.

The hair dryer works just fine, but it tends to blow the smaller pieces around.

The heat gun has low velocity of air output and dries paint almost instantly.


painted wooden beads


Step 3:

While your sign and shamrocks are drying, paint your wooden beads.

I did half of mine in green and the other half in white.

Put paint on a paper plate and drop your beads into the paint.

Next, I take them out of the paint, making sure they are covered well, and lightly wipe away the excess paint.

Then I place them on a BQ skewer and lay it across the opening of an old cup allowing them to dry.

Super easy!


shamrock sign

Step 4:

Once all of your pieces have dried, glue them all together.

Using a hot glue gun, start with the sign and work your way up.

wooden beads, sign, jute

Step 5:

String your beads onto a piece of jute, then reattach them to your sign.

I like to reattach the beads exactly the way they were before I took them off for the most part.

If you have trouble restringing the twine through the hole, cover the ends snugly with scotch tape.

It keeps the ends from fraying as you re-insert them into the hole.

Be sure and tie the knots securely.

St. Patrick's Day Sign

Step 6:

Paint the word ” Lucky” at the bottom of the sign.

I’m just going to go ahead and apologize here.

I did take a picture of this step, however it  was so blurry you have to wonder what I was thinking at the time!

If you don’t trust your handwriting, simply use vinyl peal and stick lettering.

Now that everything is finished on your sign, give it a good coat of a clear protective coating.

Once it dries, your sign is done!

St. Patrick's Day Sign

I love how cute my St. Patrick’s Day Sign is!

It gives my two tiered tray lots of color and is the perfect size!

Total cost of the sign is under $1.00.

Cute and economical.

My kind of project!

Until next time…..St. Patrick's Day Sign

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    1. Thanks Terrie! I don’t do a lot of St. Patrick’s Day decor. Not sure why other than I think by the time I get to this point in Winter I’m just ready for Spring! Bring on the bunnies, birds and eggs!

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