Styling a Fall Kitchen Hutch


Fall Kitchen Hutch

Good Wednesday to you ! Today Terrie with Decorate And More With Tip and I are styling a Fall kitchen hutch on our What’s on your????  series. I am so excited as it’s probably one of my most favorite things to decorate in my home. Plus, I love hoping over to Terrie’s where I get so much inspiration. I’ll link her below so that you can hop over with me!

I’ll be listing all of my sources for my kitchen hutch decor today, however if you want to see how I decorated the hutch in detail you can do so here on my facebook page.

decorated top shelf on kitchen hutch

Top of Cabinet

If you have seen me decorate my hutch very often, you know that I like to start at the top and work my way down.

The very top of my hutch is the home of a lot of my white dishes.

I simply added some white pumpkins and a berry garland.

White Pumpkins – Dollar Tree ( I painted them a few years ago)

Berry Garland – Hobby Lobby

Fall kitchen hutch

Shelf #1

The next shelf down from the top is my next stop.

I started in the middle and added a large white hob nail platter.

Added a wreath with a blue bow and placed a butter dish in front.

Fall plate stack

On either side of the platter and butter dish, I added pie birds with cloches on top.

Next I leaned a white hob nail dinner plate on the wall, followed by a blue and white salad plate, then a pumpkin themed appetizer plate was added to that.

In front of the plates a blue and white bowl with a blue and white checked pumpkin was placed in front.

Hob Nail Platter – Home Goods

Butter Dish- Mud Pie 

Pie Birds – similar as I’ve collected these over the years – Amazon

White Hob Nail Plates – Home Goods

Blue Salad Plates – Spode Italian

Pumpkin Appetizer plate – Ebay

Blue and White Pumpkins were painted from the Dollar Tree.

Kitchen hutch plate stack

Shelf #2

My middle shelf is small but super fun to display small items on.

In the middle I hung a pumpkin painting that I painted a few years ago.

Directly in front of that I placed a small creamer filled with small silver spoons.

On either side of that I placed blue and white salad plates that matched the ones on shelf #1 with pumpkin plates in front of those.

Again I added a small blue bowl with a hand painted pumpkin in front.

Hutch cubby decorated for fall


On either side of the shelf are two cubbies.

Normally these house tea pots, however this time I added more blue and white salad plates, pumpkins and leaves.

Blue Salad Plate – Poshmark


Fall vignette

Shelf #3

The last shelf is really the top of the cabinet base.

It’s larger and allows for bigger items.

Starting in the middle I added a blue and white dinner plate.

In front of that, I placed a small white creamer on a blue and white salad plate.

It’s embellished with burlap leaves, small white pumpkins and a silver spoon.

Fall pumpkin vingnette

To the left of the center piece I placed a stack of white hob nail plates.

A blue and white buffalo check napkin is placed under a blue and white dinner plate.

White hob nail bowls are stacked and a white pumpkin is nestled into the bowls.

A little greenery and some burlap leaves were added and this vignette is complete!

fall vignette

To the right of the centerpiece, I added a large white hob nail bowl  filled with grapevine balls as well as more burlap leaves.

In front of the bowl I placed a stack of the blue and white napkins.

fall kitchen decor

And last, I added another berry garland to tie all three vignettes together.

I love how adding the touch of reds and oranges makes the blue and white pop!

Blue and white napkins – Amazon

Fall Kitchen Hutch

Styling a Fall kitchen hutch doesn’t have to be hard, nor do you have to spend a fortune decorating!

I love using my everyday and adding in a few fall touches.

Now it’s time to head on over to Terrie’s and see what her Fall Kitchen hutch looks like.

I hope that you will join me!

Terrie Fall Hutch 2022

Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time….


STyling A Fall Kitchen Hutch

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  1. Tammy, your hutch is decorated so lovely, I love all the blue you styled on it. Did you paint all the blue pumpkins? I love the dusty blue one and the checked pumpkins. So perfect for your hutch. Love the touch of orange with the berry garland. You do such a great job styling your hutch this Fall! Thanks for sharing.

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