Styling Bedroom Furniture

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Master bedroom dresser

Happy Wednesday! Today on One Room At A Time we are sharing styling bedroom furniture.

I’m starting with my bedroom dresser.

Styling bedroom furniture is super easy as long as you remember a few simple rules!

master bedroom dresser

I like to work in 3 zones as this breaks it down and makes it easy and manageable to decorate smaller areas one at a time.

Number 1 is the middle.

This is where I will put my largest or tallest decor piece.

In this case it’s a mirror, although it could easily be a piece of art, baskets etc.

The mirror is white just like my bed and I love how the mirror refracts the light making my room look light and airy.


Zone 2 is the left hand side of the dresser top.

This time I added a lantern filled with greenery and a candle.

Again, the lantern is the same color as the bed and the mirror.

The greenery adds color and brings in a  natural element to the room.


Zone 3 is on the right hand side.

I’ve added in candlesticks and a wallpaper stamp.

Notice in all three zones we have different heights, textures and all of the decor items have the same colors that you will find in the rest of the room.

And just like that, the bedroom dresser is decorated and looking good!

master bedroom nightstand


Styling the bedroom nightstands are really no different than decorating the dresser.

Three zones, largest in the middle.

Different heights, textures and the colors are all the same as the rest of the room.

See a pattern here?

nightstand vignette

That’s it for how to style bedroom furniture.

I also have a video up on my Facebook group sharing how I styled my room if you are interested.

Be sure to come back tomorrow when we will be sharing our bedroom bedding!

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting the other ladies and see how they styled their  bedroom furniture!

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  1. Tammy It is all so beautifully styled..
    your dresser is amazing .. it all looks so perfect…
    Cannot wait to see your bedding tomorrow.


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