Styling Shelves for Christmas

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decorated shelves for Christmas

Today on Decorate With Us my friends Terrie, Corine and I are all styling shelves for Christmas. Except – and this is the part I’m most excited about – they are all different types of shelving. Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip will be styling her China Hutch, Corine is styling her hutch shelving and I am styling the built ins on either side of my fireplace.

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My Crazy Shelves

Since my home was built over 19 years ago it has some quirks that most newer homes don’t have.

For instance,  one set of built ins beside my fireplace is very large and deep and the other isn’t.

The deeper, larger set was made to hold a TV before TV’s became flat screens.

The difference in size makes it hard to decorate both sets of shelves the same.

paper mache houses

The Larger Shelves

Normally the larger shelving holds lots of blue and white Chinoiserie vases.

A few of those items were left and pretty paper mache houses were added!

White paper mache Christmas house

Pretty Paper Mache Houses

I made these paper mache houses a few years ago.

The houses come in a set of 3 for $14.99.

A few coats of white paint, a little glitter that looks like snow, a sweet miniature wreath and they are ready for Christmas!

christmas shelving

Bottle Brush Trees

After placing the white houses, silver bottle brush trees were added.

Don’t you just love bottle brush trees?

One wonders what we did before they were in style!

White Christmas house

Christmas Ornaments

Sprinkling a few red, gold and white Christmas ornaments completes decorating the large shelves!

Christmas Tree

The Smaller Shelving

As you can see from the photo above, normally I put my collection of Christmas snow globes on my Coffee table.

However, this year both my husband and I are hosting our family’s Christmas get togethers.

Which means that the littles in the family like to eat and play on the coffee table.

Putting a ton of glass globes on a table didn’t sound like the best idea to me.

So the snow globes were moved to the smaller shelving.


Large to Small

On each of these shelves, the taller, larger globes were placed in the middle.

Then smaller globes were placed on either side, large to small.

Decorating Extras

When I started decorating with the globes I added lots of greenery, ornaments and beaded garland.

However, it was so busy that it took away from the true focal point.

decorated shelves for Christmas

The fireplace and mantle.

So I went with a more minimalist approach.

And while individually it seems bare, the fireplace wall as a whole looks so much better!

Christmas Tree Snowglobe

Please join me in visiting my friends to see their shelves!

I will put the links below!

Until next time….

Terrie's Shelving

Terrie – Decorate And More With Tip

Corines shelving

Corine – Junk To Gems

Styling Shelves for Christmas

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    1. Thanks Terrie! As I was decorating them I was thinking of you… too bad we don’t live closer as I would definitely asked for help!

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