Styling Tables In The Family Room

Coffee table vignette

Hey friends! Today my friend Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip and I are styling tables in the family room.

Which is truly one of my favorite things to do as it just gives each room such personality!

Also, both Terrie and I have video’s over on our Facebook pages with step by step instructions on each are that you can visit here.

Let’s start with the coffee table and move around the room!

A styled coffee table

Coffee Table

Since Christmas is so “extra” here at the Castle once all of that is put away I tend to style things in a pretty simple, straightforward manner.

I started with a mirrored tray as my base.

Now it’s simply a matter of placing items on the mirror in odd numbers.

In this case I put three items on it.

A beautiful blue and white ginger jar that I received for Christmas, a pillar candle on a riser and a simple greenery ball in front and in between the jar and candle.

Simple, elegant and easy to do!

side table vignette

Side Tables

Next up, my side table.

I always keep these blue and white lamps on my end tables.

They were purchased many years ago at Ross.

A styled side table

The fun plant and the shell lotus candle holder were also Ross finds.

Since I sit here every day I’ve added in a coaster to complete my end table decor.

Side table decor

The Hubs side table is always kept to a bare minimum.

The only decor piece is this cigar box I revamped a few years back that holds our remote controls.

Styling a sofa Table

Sofa Table

The sofa table is long so I usual use 5 main things to decorate it with.

I almost always start in the middle.

This time I placed a metal bamboo lantern that is host to a pillar candle and some greenery.

Styling a sofa table

To the left of the lantern I placed a brass crane that I found at a garage sale awhile back.

On the very end is a blue and white print I placed in a metal bamboo picture frame.

The print was free on-line and the frame was from Hobby Lobby last year.

Styling a sofa table

On the right side of the sofa table I placed a blue and white small pottery jar and another brass crane.

I’m so happy to be done styling tables in my family room and move on to my fireplace mantle.

Be sure and come back tomorrow when, Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip, Teresa from Through A Vintage Door and Corine from Junk To Gems and I will all be styling our mantles.

Terrie's Coffee Table

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s to see how she has styled her family room tables.

You can see her here!

Until Next Time…..


Styling Tables in the Family Room

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  1. Everything looks so fresh and lovely. The blue and white are so pretty love how you styled them all in your tables.

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