Summer Back Porch

Outdoor Buffett

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to be sharing my Summer Back Porch reveal.

I’ve cleaned, scrubbed, planted, and decorated our back porch  this past week.

And it was so worth it!

Back porch seating area

The Seating Area

This area probably gets the most use through out the year.

We watch sports, movies, relax, read books, play games and just sit and admire the view of the park behind us.

Outdoor seating

It truly is our outdoor living area.

Summer back porch


Back Porch Dining Area

This area is pretty straight forward, I chose the largest table that would fit the area.

Outdoor dining table

On the far wall is a metal tool chest that we turned into a buffet/storage area.

Outdoor Buffett

It’s perfect for holding sunscreen, toys, candles etc as well as it’s perfect for serving food on.


Plants are a must on the patio.

This pot is new from SAMS.

I can’t wait for all the plants to grow and fill in.


Same with this planter under the TV!

Summer Back porch

I’ve also tucked in pots of geraniums here and there to add fun pops of color throughout the space.

My Summer Back Porch is ready for Summer living.

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Decorate With Tip And More

Also, if you want to see the back porch in a video you can see it here.

Until next time…


Summer Back Porch

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