Summer Tiered Tray

Summer Tiered Tray decor

Hey friends! In case you didn’t know it, I partner every Wednesday with a talented group of ladies to share Videos on decorating, crafting and organization. We call it Decorate  With Us, Craft with us…etc. This past week our theme was decorating a Summer Tiered Tray. If you missed it you can check it out here.

I decided that my Summer tiered tray should not only be fun and decorative, but it had to be a work horse for my outdoor beverage station too!

summer tray top tier

I started with the top level of the tray.

Straws, stir sticks and a fun hand painted birdhouse are all tall items so they were place on the top within easy reach.

These cute drink umbrellas make sure that your drink will be fun and colorful!

lower tier of summer tray

The lower tray is larger, so it can hold larger, wider items.

sweet tea sign

I found this round blank wooden circle and the stand that it is on at the Dollar Tree.

A quick coat of white paint followed by some brightly painted circles set the stage for the words Sweet Tea.

I simply used a paint bottle as a template and drew on my circles, then gave them a couple of coats of brightly colored paint.

“Sweet Tea” was printed off on my printer, then I used transfer paper to put it on the circle.

After that it was easy to color it in with a paint pen.

A black and white ribbon was add to finish off the Sweet Tea sign.

drink markers

When I was a small girl we would get drinks at Sonic and plastic animals just like these would be placed on the drinks rim.

I found these a few years ago and couldn’t resist picking them up and using them for drink markers!

Umbrellas and monkeys on my glass?

Yes, please!

colored Beads

These colorful prayer beads started out as napkin rings.

A set of 4, one pink, one orange, one yellow and one turquoise cost $4.00.

Cutting them apart, then restringing them on jute twine make a super cute and inexpensive set of beads for the tray.

lower tier of summer tray

Napkins, a sugar container, spoon and some greenery fill out the rest of the bottom tray.

This Summer tray is the perfect item to hold all the necessary items for my beverage bar.

Which is great for small spaces or buffets.

summer flowers

Of course, my beverage station wouldn’t be complete without some pretty Summer flowers.

Summer Tiered tray

After decorating my Sumer tiered tray, all that was left to do was add the glasses and a large tea dispenser.

This is proof that decorating a tiered tray doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be pretty and functional.

Time to start the party!

Until next time…

Summer Tiered Tray Decor

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  1. You’re so creative! I would have never thought of restringing the beads from napkin rings. I love your tiered tray! It’s so colorful!

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