Thanksgiving Vacation

THanksgiving vacation

It’s time for my Thanksgiving vacation!  And boy do I need one. I have been working like a crazy woman on so many different projects  it’s unbelievable. Unfortunately, I am finished with none of them!

big bed

You will rarely see a pic of me working, but here I am working on the biggest bed EVER! It’s cold here, so I had to move my painting inside. I am standing on a 33″ inch bar stool so that I can reach the top of the bed. My sister is moving into a new house and I have been working on  a few projects for her. I can’t wait to share them with you!

tin ornament

Remember the hand painted tin ornaments I shared with you? If you missed it you can see those here.  Well, I have been painting  a ton of those for clients.  I am about ornamented out!

More importantly, my extended family are coming to the castle for Thanksgiving and I am so excited!

And last, but certainly not least, my son is about done with his RV remodel and is ready to hit the road. We have been helping him with that.

So long story short, between work, the holidays and RV remodels my calendar is full. A Thanksgiving vacation is in order. I am taking the rest of the week off to take deep breaths and just be thankful.

Thankful for family and friends, thankful that I am healthy enough to be so darn busy, and thankful for the up coming holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Until next time….


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