The Queen’s Christmas

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For those of you that don’t know I have seven besties and our families long ago dubbed us THE Queens. Over the years we have celebrated weddings, birthdays, deaths, graduations, vacations and holidays. Heck, we’ve even made up a few things to celebrate just for excuse to get together.  Isn’t National Margarita day and National Wax Your Mustache day a holiday?  Well… definitely the Margarita day!  We might miss an event here and there, but for the most part we all gather for birthdays and for the Queen’s Christmas party.

It’s the same every year, but not. We get together eat, talk, drink some wine, talk, have an ornament exchange, talk, group picture, talk,  give each other gifts, talk, drink more wine, talk… This happens every year, but while we have the same agenda you never know what is going to happen while we are doing it. I hang with some CU-RAA-ZZZY  girls!

Queens Christmas 14 4

The Queens 2014

One thing we try to do at the beginning of the the Queen’s Christmas before we get too busy talking eating dinner and opening gifts is to get a group picture. Easier said than done. What’s the problem? EIGHT Queens who can’t sit still or shut up. Worse. Than. Five. Year. Olds.

Queens Christmas 15 9

Queens Christmas 15 8


Queens Christmas 15 6

We always take a serious picture and a silly one…

Queens Christmas 15 14

Queens Christmas 15

Queens Christmas 15 13

My poor hubs! He has the patience of a saint as he patiently takes these pictures for us every year. We wiggle, giggle, talk over each other, crack jokes and FINALLY we may get a great picture of all of us.

Queens Christmas 15 11

Queens Christmas 15 8I gotta say we are a chaotic hot mess for the most part, but I wouldn’t give up one event or memory! I love each and everyone of them as a sister. They’ve got my back and I’ve got theirs.  I am so truly blessed to have them in my life!

Queens Christmas 15 4

So from all of The Queens to you – Merry Christmas!

Until next time…..


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