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thrift store find

It’s Ten on the 10th! Which would normally mean that ten bloggers share awesome ideas on the 10th of the month for under $10.00. However, this month we have 13 bloggers participating. Woo Hoo! Bonus for us. Our theme is a Thrift Store find, which is totally up my alley!

I didn’t actually go thrift store shopping because, well, my garage is already full of thrift store finds.

I had this sweet little chair that was beyond repair and thought that it would make an awesome little stool!


First, we was sawed off the back of the chair and sanded it.

Next, a few coats of white paint gave it a crisp clean look!

Thrift store find

Next, I removed the chair seat.

The existing seat was sturdy, however it had definitely seen better days!!


I cut out a few pieces of foam to fit the seat.

chair seat

Then, covered the seat with batting.

This helps smooth out the foam and keep it in place.


This material is my new favorite!

I am in love with it, it makes me so happy just looking at it.

It is colorful, yet soft at the same time.

I plan on using if for some type of window treatment in my bathroom, that’s how much I love it!

thrift store find

This sweet little stool is the perfect size for my vanity.

I can’t wait to start on the curtains.

So, how much did this thrift store find cost?

Chair – Free

Material – $4.25 ( 1/4 of 1 yard)

Batting – free ( leftover from another project)

Foam – $4.25 ( 2 pk from Hobby Lobby using my 40% off coupon)

Spray paint – $1.10

All other items used were a stapler, staples, and l a hammer.

Total cost: $9.60

Barely under the wire!

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting my fellow bloggers and see their fantastic ideas. Also, a great big thank you to our hostess of the month, Katie from Let’s Add Sprinkles! We could not do this with out you.

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Until next time….

Tammy from Patina and Paint