Under the Sea

I’ve been working on an under the sea mural these past couple of weeks.  Today I thought that I would share it with you!

Under the Sea

I swear that this was one of my very favorite jobs ever. Wonderful, fun clients. Super fun theme. Color everywhere. What more could a girl ask for?

Under the Sea

I’ve worked for these clients before and they are so fun. Their son recently had a birthday and they gave him a room makeover as his present.

I started with this super large octopus and painted my way around the room.

Under the Sea

The birthday boy was so cute, most days after school, he would come running into his room to check and see what was new.


While I was painting, Mom was buying new accessories and new stuffed animals to decorate the room with. So everyday I was almost running up the stairs so that I could see what was new in the room.


I painted as many different kinds of sea life as I could on the walls without creating sensory overload!

A shark, a jellyfish and a dolphin keep the octopus company on this wall.


Is this not the cutest stuffed animal ever? It is one huge, soft and cuddly sea creature.


Above the beds we painted what I like to call a “porthole with a view”.  I wish I had a view like this looking out my bedroom window!


On the other side of the room, under the window we added lots of sea grass, coral, star fish and a crab.


For a window treatment, we painted the birthday boys name in the nautical alphabet!  It’s not totally installed in the photo, cleats will be hung on each side of the window and the rope will wrap around them to secure the flags. I love something unexpected in a room!


See what I mean about the stuffed animals?  Sadly, my favorite animal wasn’t here when I took pictures. It was a large sea turtle. He was as beautiful as the octopus!


We painted sea horses, a sea turtle, and fish above the bed on this side of the room.


What’s an under the sea mural without a ship wreck?  This ship wreck makes me think of pirates and pieces of gold.

It was hard to put the paintbrushes away and call it done on this job, but all good things must come to an end.  I’ve let the dust, laundry and other jobs pile up while I was painting away. Time to get back to work!


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