Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Bags

Hello! I can’t believe that we just finished up with Christmas and we are already rolling out the Valentine’s Day projects. But peeps need ideas early so that they have time to make them, right? Today is Under $10 on the 10th! That’s where a group of bloggers get together and share ideas on the 10th of the month for under $10.00! Of course, our theme this month is Valentine’s Day so I’m sharing the easiest Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe Bags!

$10 on the 10th

When you are finished here, be sure and head on over to all of the other ladies sites who are participating.

I’ll be sure and put their links to their sites at the bottom of this page to make it easy for you to visit them!

tic tac toe bag supplies


Here’s a list of supplies that you will need:


Paint Pen


Chalk Pencil

Candy hearts

measuring a heart for it's center

Determine the Size of you Tic Tac Toe board

To determine the size of my board, I laid out one of the bags and grabbed one of the candies that I plan on using and measured it.

Each space needed to be 3/4″square.

marking the center of a heart

Mark Your Tic Tac Toe Board

Using a chalk pencil, I marked the center of my heart.

marking a heart bag

Half of 3/4″ is 3/8″.

Mark 3/8″ on either side of your center mark.

valentine bag

Using a ruler, lightly draw lines vertically using the previous marks.

Erase the center line.

Valentine bag

Do the same steps as above only do so horizontally.

You have now laid out your Tic Tac Toe Board.

painting on a Valentine heart bag

Paint your board’s lines.

Using a paint marker, paint over the chalk lines that you marked for the board.

I did not go all the way to the edge of my heart, but liked the look of leaving about a quarter of an inch of space from the edge.

Valentine bag with a tic tac toe board

If your painted lines aren’t as dark as you would like them to be, paint over them a second time.

Make sure that your first coat has dried before adding the second coat.

tic tac toe bag with candy

As you can see, the grid is perfect for playing tic tac toe!

tic tac toe bag with gift tag

Just add a tag and your gift is ready to hand out!

monogram bag

I also think that these would make cute gift bags!

Just paint on a monogram, pop in a small gift or candy and you have a super cute gift!

Valentine's Tic Tac Toe Bag

My Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe  bags were super easy, took very little time and cost almost nothing.

Bags: 3 for $1.25

Candy: 1 bag for $1.25

I had the paint pen, chalk marker and the ruler already.

Cost for just the bag and candy: $0.88 each.

Cost for bag, candy and paint pen: $1.63 per bag.

Well, under $10.00!

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  1. Tammy, did you paint the heart on the bag or was it on the bag when you bought it? Did you get these bags at Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Tree?

  2. Cute idea! The Dollar Tree is loaded with lots of inspiration, but i am still surprised that they raised prices 25%!!

    1. Patti that extra 25 cents makes a huge difference at check out. Plus, if you are at a Super Store some of the items are $3.00 and $5.00 so you have to be careful.

    1. Yes! I think loves of different candies would work. I ended up putting candy in the bag and also game them some small round red glass beads to use for the game. We both know that candy is not going to last a long time!

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