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Vanity Chair Makeover

Vanity Chair 9

This vanity chair makeover was so easy I almost didn’t share it! I’m still occasionally helping my sister Terri decorate her Bungalow and this vanity chair was our latest project.

vanity chair 7

On a recent trip to Oklahoma, my sister and I stopped by an estate sale and picked up a sewing cabinet – which we plan on painting and making into a vanity and this sweet chair to go with it. The vanity will be painted black with gold accents.  The chair was already painted black, so we really could have left it as is.

vanity chair 8

Except it has some major dents and dings! It needed some major sanding and cleaning. Ever look at that damage on something and think :” How in the heck did they do that?”

vanity chair 6

The chair had some sweet lines. We decided to spray paint it gold so that it would match the vanity and be seen instead blending in like it would have if we had left it black. Three very light coats of Rustoleum’s Gold and this chair was on it way to being a beauty!

vanity chair 5

The cane seating was in great shape, but we wanted to give it a really glamorous look. So we bought some high density foam, drew the shape of the seat onto the foam and cut it out to create some padding for the seat.

Quick tip: The best way to cut foam is with an electric carving knife. However, I don’t own one. If the foam isn’t too thick I just use my scissors. I find that if I “pinch” the foam together as I cut , it makes cutting so much easier.

Once we had the foam cut out we placed it on the chair and using mongolian white lambswool, we covered the seat and stapled the fur to the bottom of the chair.

vanity chair

This was the end result. Glamorous? Oh, heck yeah! It was a beauty, however, it was a little shiny for me so I gave it a little distressing, letting the black show through a little bit.

vanity chair 3

Normally I would wait to show you the chair with the vanity, but it was so cute I couldn’t wait. So you are getting to see pics of this chair from all over my house! Here’s the back. So sweet and pretty!

vanity chair 2

I think my sister is going to love this vanity chair makeover! I can’t wait to get started on the vanity.

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