Warm and Cozy Home

Warm and Cozy Home

It’s Ten on the 10th! Every month, on the 10th, ten – sometimes more or less – fun and talented bloggers get together and share fun ideas for under $10.00. It’s truly one of my favorites. This months theme is Warm up your home. Not gonna lie, this threw me for a little bit of a loop. How could I buy, make or share something that makes for a warm and cozy home for under $10?

So I started thinking. What makes me feel like my home is warm and cozy?What makes me feel warm?
Obviously, physically it would be a nice warm, cozy throw blanket.
Visually it might be a warm and toasty fire or a nice textured pillow.
For me, color can play a huge part for making me feel all warm and fuzzy too.Warm, rich color tones in the winter. Lighter, brighter ones for Spring and Summer.

As I was thinking all of these warm and cozy things, it hit me. Smell plays a  HUGE roll in what makes me feel warm too!

For instance, at Christmas I love the smell of cinnamon and cookies? The fresh scent of evergreens and crisp cold air.

Are you with me?

wax melts

I have a confession to make. I’m a scented wax melt Junkie! In my home I have 4 wax burners burning 24/7. My powder bathroom has drawers dedicated to the storage of my melts, sprays, car scented tags and lights for the warmers. And don’t get me started on the warmers! 4 throughout the house, plus seasonal ones that I rotate…

I don’t discriminate in the brand of wax melts either. If I love the smell it’s coming home with me!

When I think about it, my addiction to the scent game is only rivaled by my throw pillow addiction!

My favorite scents are usually light clean scents. Like fresh linen, crisp cotton and silver bells. However, recently I discovered a new scent. Vanilla Pound Cake. I smell this and become a great big puddle and want to eat cookies all day! So. Good.

And the best part? There is one big rule for the wax melts. They must be under $10! My latest scent, Vanilla Pound Cake cost $7.89. 

One last thing, another of my favorites in winter is a big cup of International Coffee French Vanilla Cafe. I get the sugar free version which only has 60 calories. Of course the cookie that I want to eat with it kind of blows that out of the water! But, this coffee is another treat for right at $2.99 a container and is guaranteed to warm you up.

A cup of something good and wonderful, a delicious treat and the wonderful scent of your favorite thing – all are sure to make for a warm and cozy home.

Now I hope that you will join me and visit my blogger friends to see what fun ways that they warm up their homes!

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