Washi Tape to the rescue!

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Washi tape to the rescue!  The story of  how washi tape came to my rescue when I made an outdoor solar lantern.

Awhile back I saw these really cool solar lanterns made from mason jars and solar yard lights.  I loved the idea of using both of these products to create a really unusual ambient light for the patio. ( less bugs Romantic!)  I had the mason jars and lids – just need to pick up the solar lights. Wal-Mart here I come!

All of the lanterns I had seen had the medium size jar with lid and a wide based solar light. This looked good but, I wanted to see If I could come up with something a little less noticeable. Also, the bigger solar lights cost a lot more money, anywhere from $5.00 and up.   Not a bad price however, I wanted to make  a bunch of these for myself and for presents and that kinda put it out of my price range.  The cheap-o dollar solar lights were more in my price range.

I asked the Hubs to take the smaller light, ditch the base,  and somehow attach it to the lid in a less conspicuous way.




This is what he came up with.  I love how the light fits inside the jar.  I DIDN’T love the raw edge where a square was cut out of the lid. So now I was on the hunt for a solution of how to hide it.  I had done a faux stain glass window for my sister and thought that I might be able to use the leading paint on the edge to look like it had been soldered .


lantern top


Here is the finished product.  It was OK, but not what I was hoping for. So the hunt was still on!,

During a shopping trip to Michaels, I saw the Washi tape. I loved the color and the ease of use. My concern was that it was going to be outside in 100 degree weather before the summer was over.  Would it peel off?  If it got wet would it stay on the lid?  You can see how my twisty brain works! But ya know what?  What if I wanted to change the tape out depending on the holiday, party, or just because I was bored with the old design? This just might be perfect.  And it was certainly easy to put on.


Washi TApe


Just tape it on!  How easy is that???? Oh, please excuse my messy work table, guess I really need to paint that.  That, my friends is another post!


finished wash lantern


Here is the finished lantern! Cute, right?


Ball Jar lantern 2


I used two different patterns and two different widths.  The teal blue one is about 1/4″ wide.  I went strip by strip matching up the pattern.  Sounds tedious but it was super easy.  The second pattern that you see above, was an inch wide.  I used a total of four strips for this one – even easier!!


outdoor bell jar


Here it is during the day time.  Not too bad to look at .


Lantern at night


And here is my ambient light!  I love sitting on the party-o patio in the evening and not having bright lights on. Kind of a romantic right? – and fewer bugs!

Will this hold up well outside even under the covered patio?  Who knows.  For now I am going to run with it.  Worst case scenario?  It doesn’t and I look for another solution. In the mean time, you can find me on the patio! Yep, it really was washi tape to the rescue!

until next time….


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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