What’s Going On In the Backyard

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Hey friends! It’s been a crazy week here at the castle. Although, full disclosure, when is it not? I’m not entirely sure where to begin. So, I’ll start at the beginning by telling you exactly what’s been going on in the backyard.

wind chime , fenced

About a month ago, The Hubs and I were in Oklahoma visiting with the family.

While we were gone, apparently there was a huge storm which blew our fence down.

We knew that we needed to replace it, but honestly thought we had a little more time.

Um, no.

Since The Hubs recently retired we decided to rebuild it ourselves.

Never. Again.

This girl is too old for that nonsense for sure!

We still need to stain it, but at least it’s up!

glass yard art

In between hanging the never ending fence, I’ve also added some yard art.

Aren’t these pretty?

My Bestie gave me three of them for my birthday.

I couldn’t wait to put them out.

Also, in the last photo you saw a colored glass wind chime.

It’s my latest purchase from Hob Lob.

outdoor furniture, crowns, pillows

In an effort to add more color, I added these new pillows.

I’m totally in love with all of the colors!

Don’t judge me by the pollen on the coffee table.

I swear, I cleaned it and 20 minutes later it was covered again!

statue, geraniums, tiki lamp

Another new purchase were these table top tiki lamps.

I love the color and they were less than $5.00 at WalMart!


Oh, and did I mention that Mother Nature is starting to show off?


My first Clematis bloom of the year!

rain chain, rock, mint, strawberries

The strawberries and the mint are going crazy!

The fence wasn’t the only thing the storm blew down.

My poor rain chain is in desperate need of repair.

geraniums, ivy

I love it when plants over winter!

The two largest pots in the backyard are by the back door and they are in full bloom right now!

We still have so much to do, mulch, plant, do a few repairs, stain the fence, etc.

In other words, I’m in my happy place!

So, what’s been going on in the backyard here at the castle? A lot!

How about you? Are you working outside enjoying the fantastic spring weather? If it’s your happy place, like it’s mine, I hope so!

Until next time….


  1. Honey, you are so far ahead of me in the plant/making the yard look pretty department. I’ve not done a single solitary thing just yet. In my defense, I’ve been going crazy with indoor projects…LOL I can’t believe you already have blooms on your clematis…I love clematis but don’t know if it will grow down here (yes, I know, I’m literally right down the road from you, but you know how this Texas soil is…LOL). I’m ready to get some color in the ground but am trying to hold off in case we have another bizarre spurt of cold weather. Everything is looking so pretty at your house…you guys were BRAVE to tackle a fence…I would have told Edward to find a number to call…LOL Hugs to you sweet friend!

    1. Thank you Benita! I swear I will never build another fence. Ever! lol. I know you’ve been doing fabulous things inside your house, I can’t wait to see your new master bedroom reveal. Yes, the soil here in Texas is truly awful, I think sometimes I just get lucky where I plant certain things, that’s for sure. I hear you on holding off on planting, I have been a little nervous about the few things we have done, most have over-wintered, cause we all know how crazy Mother Nature can be here in Texas. Have a great week my friend!

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