White Yarn Christmas tree


White yarn Christmas tree

Happy Saturday! Today is the last Under $10 on the 10th of the year. Our theme is last minute gifts. What could be  better than a really cute and easy handmade gift? So today I’m sharing how to make a white yarn Christmas tree!

Under $10 on the 10th

Supplies to make a yarn tree


This craft is super easy and only needs seven things to make it!

Yarn of your choice

Cone tree – I used what I had but a styrofoam or paper mache one would work much better.

Mod Podge

Saran Wrap

Paint Brush



saran wrap on a tree

Step 1

Wrap your cone in saran wrap.

Tape it to the tree if necessary.

Wrapping yarn onto a tree

Step 2

Starting at the top and working your way down the cone wrap your tree in yarn.

TIP: wrap the tree snuggly however don’t get it too tight or it will be hard to get the yarn tree to separate from the cone.

cutting yarn

Step 3

Once your tree is completely wrapped, cut the yarn and either tuck the end up into the tree or glue the end to the tree.

painting mod podge onto a yarn tree

Step 4

Paint the tree with Mod Podge.

You want to put this on liberally!

So much so that when the tree dries it will be stiff.

Let the tree dry overnight.

White yarn Christmas tree

Step 5

You can skip this step if you want, however I wanted my tree to have a little shine.

While still wet with Mod Podge lightly sprinkle a very fine holographic glitter onto the tree.

I used silver champagne.

yarn tree with rhinestones

Step 6

Once your tree has completely dried, slide it off of the cone and remove the saran wrap.

Now it’s time to embellish your tree!

For this white yarn tree I decided to keep it simple.

I hot glued random sizes of rhinestones all over the tree.

White yarn Christmas tree

I love how it turned out and think that it  and maybe a smaller one would make really cute hostess gifts or even a last minute gift!

Wouldn’t it be pretty made from green yarn with small ornaments added?

The possibilities  are endless.

Now I hope you will join me in visiting Niki at Life As A LEO Wife and Allyson at Southern Sunflowers to see what last minute gifts they have made!

Until Next time…


White Yarn Christmas tree

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