Y’all Let’s Eat Sign

wooden sign

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had the best of Holidays. Have you taken all of your Christmas down yet? We have everything inside taken down, however the outside is another issue! I don’t know about you, but I’m both relieved and a little sad that all of the color and shiny stuff is put away. So much so that it feels a little bare. I especially felt that way about removing the Christmas sign above my stove. So I decided to make one to replace it. I made a Y’all Let’s Eat sign!

Just in case you want to make one for your kitchen I’m sharing how easy it was to make.

wooden sign


I had this wooden shape cut out and decided to use it, however you can do this with any raw wood sign.

painted blue sign


I gave my sign a couple of coats of blue spray paint.

sanding a sign


Once my paint was good and dry, I lightly sanded my sign with fine grit sandpaper.

I did this because it was a little too shiny for my taste and to help the paint I will be using for the lettering to adhere better.

printed letters on paper for sign


Now it’s time to apply the lettering of your choice to the sign.

The lettering was designed on my computer  and printed off in a size that was proportionate to my sign.

transferring lettering to a sign

Cut closely around your lettering to help you place them on the sign.

Flip your lettering over and on the back side, using a piece of white chalk, lightly color over the entire piece of paper.

Flip your paper over.

Place your lettering where you want it, then tape it to the sign.

Trace your letters using a stylus.

painting a sign


Now that you have your lettering drawn on your sign it’s time to paint.

I used paint pens.

They are super easy to use.

Just out line your letters and fill them in.

You may have to put on 2 coats if you are using a light color like I did.

Simply wait until the first coat has dried completely, then apply a second coat.

Y'all Let's Eat sign

A quick coat of clear spray paint and your sign is ready to be hung.

I drilled two holes in the top of my sign, then threaded jute through the holes and tied knots in the back.

This makes the perfect hanger!

A bow made from raffia glued to the top finishes off the sign.

Let's Eat Ya'll sign

Y’all Let’s Eat!

I could not be happier with Y’all Let’s Eat sign.

My first project of the year was a success and I’m feeling a little less sad that all of the pretty Christmas decor is packed away!

Until next time…





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