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100 Room Challenge

It’s the $100 Room Challenge – Week 2. Boy, has this week flown by! Honestly, between the holiday weekend, a wedding, and #life I feel as if I didn’t get much done.

However, I did get a few things painted as well as a little shopping done.

So without further ado, here’s what I did get done!

paint chip, navy bedding

I chose my paint color for the walls.

Honestly, I’m not a gray fan, but the color that I went with is a soft blue/gray color.

Sherwin Williams Misty.

It’s perfect because not only does it go with the bedding, it also compliments all of the other colors that I plan to put in this room.

guest bedroom

Day 1:

Once the paint color was chosen, I couldn’t wait to get started!

I cleared the room of everything but the big furniture items.

I was just about to start taping the room off when I just happened to look up.


That’s when I realized that the ceiling was the same color as the walls.

How did I miss that?

The ceiling definitely needed to be painted before the walls.

Luckily, I had an almost full gallon of ceiling paint in the garage from painting the Library a few months ago.

So, the bedroom ceiling got painted first!

sample quart paint

Day 2:

Bright and early the next day I got up and started painting the walls.

Boy, did they need it!

Unfortunately, the walls were previously painted in a flat finish.

So the walls sucked up the new satin paint.

I had a bout 5 square feet of wall left when I ran out of paint!

Instead of buying another gallon, I purchased a sample of the same color.

Did you know that Sherwin Williams samples are quart sized and they come in a satin finish?

Plus, they are only $8.69 each.

Since they are having a 30% off sale, my sample came to $5.65!

Iron bed, gray walls

The room is completely painted!

Everything is put back together, except for one thing.

I forgot to put the vent over the bed back into the ceiling!

Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow.

I thought that I needed to paint the crown molding, trim, and doors, but once the room was painted they looked great.

guest room, bed, gray walls


So where am I on my budget?

Here’s what I’ve spent so far:

1 gallon satin paint: $25.02

Ceiling paint – free (as it was sitting in the garage from another project.)

1 quart of sample paint: $5.65

Which brings me to the grand total of $30.67!

That’s it for the $100 Room Challenge Week 2.

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