Week 3 of The $100 Room Challenge

100 Room Challenge

It’s week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge. I can’t believe how fast it’s flying by! I got a lot done this week, although it may not look like it. A lot of tiny, behind the scenes stuff that you have to do, but really doesn’t show up that much.

gold chandelier

A month or so ago I was at a clients home and she asked if I wanted an old chandelier.

Why, yes I did!

I love old chandeliers.

Can you say Granny chic?

I took this one home and cleaned it up, not really sure what I was going to do with it.

Until a few weeks ago.

chandelier, bed

The Hubs graciously hung the chandelier in the guest bedroom for me this past week.

I LOVE it!

So much better than the old beige ceiling fan.

painting curtain rod gold

I found new curtains.

Not exactly what I wanted, but they are cute, I couldn’t beat the price and my oldest son who is the one usually staying in this room loves them.


I found an old black curtain rod hanging out in the guest room closet and decided to use it.

I sprayed it Rust-0-leum metallic gold and the curtains were ready to be hung.


The package said that the curtains were 95 inches long.

I used that measurement to determine the height of the rod.

However, once I hung the curtains they were not the same length all the way across and they were too long.

So I left them hanging, turned them up and pinned them the correct length.

Then hand sewed them.

So glad that’s done!

gather painting


I couldn’t find artwork for the bedroom that I loved, so decided to paint my own.

This is my inspiration piece.

It would have been perfect except it’s got a black background, which won’t work in my room.

And it says “Gather”.

Not really for a guest room.

Cute, but I’m changing it up a bit to go with my room.

wreath artwork



I’m not even close to being finished, but I did get started on it.

I have also started on a updating a few other accessories for the room, but still have a way to go to finish them up.

So how much have I spent so far?

This week’s total:

I bought curtains for $7.25 each,  gold metallic spray paint, and a faux plant for $28.49.

Combined with last weeks expenditures I have spent a total of : $59.18.

Which I feel like isn’t too bad.

I still have to make up my mind about what color I’m going to paint the dresser and nightstands.

Finish up the accessories and pull it all together in the next 2 weeks.

Fingers crossed!

So that’s it for week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge, if you missed week 1 or week 2 you can see those here:

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  1. Tammy the bedroom is coming along great. Love the curtains. I had that happen to a pair of curtains I purchased at Walmart. Decided not to hang them the way they were suppose to but use curtain ring hooks. Made them a little longer and you can clip them to flow on the floor better. Just a tip I learned before.

  2. The curtains are cute- and so affordable too! Love the gold on the curtain rod, and the chandy is perfect! I can’t wait to see your wreath artwork complete- it looks great so far

    1. Thank you so much Erin! That means a lot coming from you! Yes, I do love using – or reusing what I have on hand. Makes it worth convincing my husband that I really do need all my stuff. lol!

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