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2016 Calendar 20

I have a confession. When it comes to keeping a calendar, I do it old school. I have an honest to goodness calendar where I write it down. No cell phone or tablet for  this queen. I am so excited, I think I may have found the perfect 2016 calendar for me!

2016 Calendar 16

I have kept a calendar where I write down all of the important things since high school. Remember when Hallmark gave out those tiny purse book calendars? You’d be surprised at what can fit in those. Not only have I had a calendar that I can write in, I also draw in it. February? Hearts. March? Springy things. April? Showers and flowers.

So when I found the Create 365 Happy Planner I was so darn excited!!! It has everything this Queen loves! ( No, I am not being paid to share this with you, I just truly love it!)

2016 Calendar 12

The first thing that caught my eye was that everything in the calendar is removable, from the cover to the pages. It is all held together by rings, which come in several different colors and two different sizes.

2016 Calendar 17

Get tired of your cover? No problemo! Just switch it out to one of these!

2016 Calendar 8

My 18 month planner comes with both a monthly and weekly view. Which for me totally rocks! I want to be able to look at the entire month in one overview, but I also like that I can get into more detail with the weekly pages. AND what rocks about this? I can remove the pages to write, draw, decorate, and embellish each page.

2016 Calendar 16

And as you can see…. there are a lot of things that you can purchase in the Happy Calendar line to help you embellish and keep track of all of your appointments, but I’ve also been using all of my left over embellishments from scrapbooking!

2016 Calendar 15

I also love that it comes with pages of inspiration!  They are so pretty you could even frame these when you are done with them.

2016 calendar 5

They also have add ons – like these small lined inserts. They come in the purple one shown and a black one. I use them for my “To Do” pages.

2016 Calendar 2

I like that my to do list  is front and center and can see what I need to be doing. Kind of kicks my ADD to the curb!

2016 Calendar 11

Another tiny inspiration that is removable and reusable are these tiny cards. I have a feeling washi tape and I are gonna be great friends too!

2016 Calendar 13

Here’s a quick look at my January monthly calendar. Boy, do I have a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month! Let’s eat cake!!!

2016 Calendar 1

Here is my weekly calendar – yup, I’m still holding out for snow! The days are divided by morning, afternoon and evening. Each block has plenty of space for you to write, which is a huge MUST for me.

2016 Calendar 14

I know what you are thinking – that this takes a ton of time. I guess if you did it all at once it might. I just do a little at a time.

I have ordered expansion rings – I can already tell that my calendar is gonna be super full of crazy fun. I also ordered pocket inserts and lined paper. I am awful about shoving loose papers that I need into my calendar pages so these should help keep them from falling out. Also, I am going to use the lined pages to add an address book.

This little calendar measures 7.75 inches by 9.75 inches, not too big and not too little! And the price compared to other calendars is awesome too.

So bring on 2016 – I am organized and ready! Now if I could find something like this to organize my craft room closet!

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