5 Favorite Amazon Finds

5 Favorite Amazon finds

Hey friends! It’s been awhile since I shared some of my favorite things with you. I’ve got quite a few since my last share. So today I thought I’d share my 5 favorite Amazon finds.

Nope. Not an affiliate, just a few things that I am enjoying right now!

lumina teeth whitening strips

Lumineux Whitening Strips

These Lumineux whitening strips are all over social media.

I couldn’t help but give them a look, but when I saw that they were about $45.00 normally I thought I  could live without them.

Then they went on sale for $22.00 and I couldn’t get them fast enough.

AND I LOVE them.

They don’t irritate my gums and they really do gradually whiten your teeth!

Apple watch

Apple Watch Band

I’ll be honest – I don’t change out my Apple watch band all that often.

However, recently my black leather band bit the dust and I needed a new basic band.

But we all know I didn’t want basic basic.

When I saw this one I knew it was perfect.

Basic black leather is the perfect neutral with gold embellishments that attach the band to the watch.

What’s not to love.

This one looks as good in person that it does on-line!

Eucalyptus garland

Eucalyptus Garland

This Eucalyptus garland is a repeat buy for me.

It comes in two strands that you see here and it’s perfect to tuck into any arrangement.

My previous order I kept one long piece of garland and the other garland I cut up into pieces to use on wreaths, smaller arrangements etc.

I love the look, color without the Eucalyptus smell!

bento lunch boxes

Bento Lunch Box Food Containers

I have to say that I love these food containers.

Lately I’ve been into prepping my lunches for the entire week and these fit the bill perfectly!

Great to grab and go, help count calories and it would be great for the littles too!

They come with this cute puzzle sandwich cutter and 6 spoon/fork combos.

I gave the cutter and flatware to my littles and kept the food containers!

hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

I saved my favorite for last – this beautiful hand blown glass hummingbird feeder!

The glass is beautiful, no tow feeders are the same and it comes in several colors to fit right into our garden decor!

This is also my second one of these.

It comes with a small brush to help make cleaning a breeze!

That’s it for my 5 favorite Amazon finds.

Stay tuned for my favorite Garden finds soon.

Until next time…


5 Favorite Amazon finds

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