5 Things For A Fall Front Porch

fall front porch

I’m so excited to have cooler temps here in North Texas! The cooler weather has me dreaming of fall and Halloween. So I finally dusted off the pumpkins and started decorating the front porch. As I was decorating, I realized that you only need 5 things for a fall front porch that is beautiful.

5 things that aren’t all that expensive and are  easy to do.

That’s my kind of decorating!

garden flag

Step 1:

Clean everything.

This is the time to sweep the porch, clean your windows and doors, and if need be mulch the flower beds.

It’s amazing how a quick cleaning can make everything look so much better!

fall front porch


Step 2:

Add a pretty wreath or door hanger to your front door.

I believe the front door is one of the first things you see as you look at a house.

Making sure that it is clean, shiny and wearing a little bling is key.

hello pumpkin mat

Step 3:

And while you are at the front door, add a fun door mat.

I love all of the funny, colorful and inviting mats that you find today.

They come in a huge range of colors and sizes.

Normally my front door has a layered rug and mat combo, however this mat was so large that a rug under it looked like overkill for the space.

No worries.

I love this mat so much that I don’t even miss the rug!

mums, pumpkin,

Step 4:

Add fall flowers and pumpkins.

Right now my Summer flowers look better than they have in quite awhile, so I’m leaving those out for little longer.

However, that hasn’t stopped me from adding Mums to my front porch!

I never pay more than $5.00 or so for them.

That way when they are finished blooming I don’t feel bad about replacing them.

Also, I leave them in the plastic black pots they come in.

To spruce them up, I add a colorful bow to the front.

Sprinkle a few pumpkins around them and you never notice the cheap plastic pots.

Once the weather gets cooler I will get rid of the Summer flowers and add in more flowers and pumpkins.

jack-o-lantern pails

Speaking of disguising the cheap plastic pots, I just had to share these cute little pails!

Aren’t they just the cutest?

And they were only $7.84  each.

Just pop a mum or fall flower in and it just screams fall and Halloween.

garden flag, mums

Step 5:

Now that your yard and porch are clean, the door is welcoming and you have your fall flowers and pumpkins out, it’s time to add the bling.

Just like a little black dress, when you add bling, it completes the look.

At my house, a garden flag welcomes you as you come up the sidewalk and head to the door!

fall home sign

A few colorful metal cornstalks are added to my summer planters for some added color and height.

My home sign is sporting a new fall charm.

rocking chairs, fall pillows

And I’ve added fall pillows to my rocking chairs and other seating areas.

My front fall front porch is complete!


Adding 5 things for a fall front porch is a super easy way to make sure that your porch is beautiful!

5 things for a fall front porch

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    1. Thanks Cindy! For some reason I’ve been gravitating to bold color this year….and You are so right, it does make me happy!

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