8 Steps To Decorating For Christmas

8 Steps to decorating for Christmas

It’s time to decorate for Christmas, well almost. Starting tomorrow my friends and I will start sharing how we get ready and decorate for Christmas in hopes that it will make decorating easier for you. Which got me to thinking that maybe I should share my 8 steps to decorating for Christmas with you. You know… so that you can see it all laid out.

Also, in the upcoming days my friends and I will be showing you step by step how to implement each step, so be sure and come back daily!

Christmas ribbon

Step 1

Decide on a color scheme or theme.

Some change out everything in their Christmas decor yearly.

Me? Not so much!

I use all of my old stuff, but keep it fresh by using items in different ways, in different rooms.

THEN I add in new things here and there to go with my color palette.

Whether you change it completely or just change it up slightly deciding on your colors and theme make it so much easier!

Shopping for Christmas decor

Step 2

Shop early.

This is so hard for me!

However, you and I both know that if you see it and love it someone else will too.

So buy early!

Things to do list

Step 3

Make Lists.

I’ll admit I’m a list maker.

BIG time.

The older I get the easier lists make everything for me.

That way I can’t forget to do anything and can approach decorating in an orderly fashion.

Christmas decor staging area

Step 4

Have a Staging area.

I don’t care if it’s your kitchen table, a guest room or your garage this is a  crucial step .

Nothing is so overwhelming to me than to have stuff all over your home.

This allows you to contain the bins, boxes, and trash bags of all the decor as well as the clutter that comes with decorating.

Once I started doing this I was amazed at how much I got done and how much more easier it was having everything in one spot.

Step 5

Prep for Decorating

Start by moving furniture, putting away decor that you don’t plan to use, and deep cleaning your home.

It’s amazing how much more fun it is to decorate a clean area rather than just throwing up decor.

christmas decor

Step 6


This is the fun part.

Now I realize that not everyone decorates every inch of their home for Christmas, however I like to take it room by room.

Christmas tree

Step 7

Take your Time and enjoy the process!

Believe me, I know that there will be times that you have to get it all done in a day.

However, if possible take your time and enjoy the process.

It’s not a marathon.

The whole point fo decorating is to enjoy it!



Christmas ornament

Step 8

Take pictures.

Of course since I blog I take pictures, but not for the same reasons you might.

If you decorate an area that you LOVE and want to recreate it next year, the best way to do this is by taking pictures.

Talk about stream lining your decorating process next year!

I hope that you enjoyed my 8 steps to decorating for Christmas and maybe got some new ideas and inspiration.

Now please join me in visiting Terrie to see what her tips are for decorating for Christmas!


Decorate With Tip and More



Please join us in the upcoming weeks as we get ready for Christmas.

Until next time….


8 Steps to decorating for Christmas

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