Nutcracker Ornament

Nutcracker Ornament

Hey y’all! I’ll be honest, next week all of the Halloween will come down and it will be time to start in on Christmas. A little early, I know, but we love you and want to get our Christmas out in time to give you inspiration for your decorating. Today my friend Terrie and I are sharing how to make ornaments. More specifically, I’ll be sharing how to make a Nutcracker Ornament! Woo Hoo!

Nutcracker ornament supplies


3 inch clear glass ornament

Floor polish

Multi-surface Acrylic paint colors of your choice

Paint brushes

Small funnel

Glitter of your choice


Extreme glitter

pouring floor polish into an ornament

Step 1

Remove the ornament hanger from the top of the ornament.

Pour just enough Floor polish into the ornament to cover the entire inside.

Try not to get many bubbles.

rolling floor polish around on the inside of an ornament

Step 2

Slowly roll the polish on the inside of the ornament, making sure that the inside is completely covered.

Pour out any polish that is “pooling” in the ornament.

Again, you just want enough to cover the inside.

pouring glitter into an ornament

Step 3

Place a funnel on the opening of your ornament.

Pour glitter into your ornament.

Again, make sure you pour enough to cover the entire inside.

You can always pour out any excess.

adding glitter to the inside of an ornament

Step 4

Once again, roll your ornament to get the glitter on the inside evenly distributed.

Pour out any excess.

Let dry.

Painting an ornament

Step 5

Start painting your design.

You may need to do a couple of coats per color.

Be sure to allow each layer to completely dry in between coats.

Nutcracker on a book page

Now I know that there are several of you out there thinking that you can’t paint.

And that’s okay.

I got you!

I found these adorable stickers on Etsy that would be perfect to Mod Podge on in place of painting!

On smaller ornaments just cut off the bottom and glue them on!

So cute!

Painting details onto the nutcracker ornament

Step 6

Once you have your base coat finished, it’s time to add your tiny details.

This is where you have fun with your design.

And if you aren’t sure of your design?

Find a photo of a nutcracker that you like and can follow that design!

Adding glitter to an ornament


Step 7

The last thing we are going to do is protect the painted area of the ornament.

To do this I’m using Extreme Glitter.

It has a clear base with just a touch of glitter to add the extra fun to the design!

Nutcracker Ornament

Now your ornament if finished – unless you are like me and want to take it a step further by adding in a cute bow.

I hope that you got a little inspiration and decide to make a Nutcracker Ornament.

It is fun, easy, inexpensive and looks great on your tree or as a gift.

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s to see how she made her Christmas ornament!

Terrie's ornaments

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Until next time…


Nutcracker Ornament

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  1. This is better than any store ornament you can buy. You have so many talents, unbelievable. I love this.

    I am loving all the beautiful colors you used too!

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