You Don’t Want to Miss This!

I know, you don’t normally hear from me on Wednesdays, but I have some news, and girl you don’t want to miss this!


The fabulous gals over at Thoughts of Home on Thursday invited me to participate in the TOHOT’s Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette tour!

Seriously, If you heard a loud girl squeal, followed by what felt like an earthquake it was me doing my happy dance!

Here’s how it works. For one week, Starting Monday, November 7 thru November 11, you will be able to visit 25 of the most super talented gals in blogland and get a sneak peek of their awesome Thanksgiving decor.

Each day features five different bloggers, showcasing a stunning Thanksgiving vignette.

EXCEPT for Thursday. On Thursday the Thoughts of Home on Thursday gals invite everyone to share their very own Stunning Thanksgiving Vignettes!

You seriously don’t want to miss this!

Ready to do your happy dance yet? Your welcome.



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